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Friday, January 13, 2017

TGIF Week End Wrap Up

Oy but this week has been tough on me. I got sick on Monday morning (Stomach bug I guess) and spent the day shivering and running to the bathroom. Not fun at all right? By the end of the day I was feeling a little better but kind of run down.

I tuned in to the mid season premieres of my favorite shows (All two of them lol), and watched the second episode of the current season of Sherlock (OMG). But that's for a different post and a different time.

On Wednesday I cornered Hurricane Hayley (The name the neighbor gave her) and gave her a good wipe down because she smelled funky (Like cat in other words, which meant allergies for me) and she just was NOT happy.

It took me a while to wrangle this booger because as soon as she saw the shampoo she became “unavailable” every time I called her and when I would walk up to her she would do this funky move to dodge me and run off. The house isn’t that big but Hayley is as slippery as a piece of Jell-O when she wants to be. She smelled apple fresh for all of one hour before she got into trouble and had to be wiped down again. This time I had my mom help me though because it was late and I was tired. #LifeWithDogs

Spencer FINALLY got a new box this week too. He loves it when my mom brings him boxes from work and she managed to get a pretty big one. He of course marked it with his claws in the corners and then promptly sat in it for about two hours and even insisted we feed him in his new castle. Thankfully my mom brought two other big boxes for when he destroys his current one with his big striped butt. #SillyCat

Oh and you all know that there are few things worse than running into someone from your youth that A.) You’d rather forget existed and B.) Sees you looking like you just rolled out of your sick bed because duh, that’s where you’ve been for a few days. Happy times people, happy freaking times. I handled it like a pro though. A pro dork. #FML

Then my mom's co-worker who is the first dog person my mom gets to work with (And she's super nice too) saw something at a craft store that made her think of my mom so she bought it. *snorts* When we have our own place my mom is definitely hanging it in the living room. Which I'm totally okay with. #CaptainAmerica 

And just yesterday I got sick AGAIN in the same way I was on Monday. What. The. Eff? At this point I’m just a jumbled mess of shaking, vomiting, HANGRY person. At least the weather hasn’t been too awful (I’m a cold weather girl) so I don’t have to add heat stroke to that list of awful feelings. But as sick and tiring as this week has been, it wasn’t a miserable one. I’ve started watching some old shows again, and started watching one of my mom’s favorite tv shows from when she was a kid and while a lot of the aspects are super goofy, I have to admit, it’s not a bad way to pass the time.

So on to the weekend with hopes that I am well enough to get Starbucks at least once. Or cheesecake. I love cheesecake.

Until Next Friday!

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