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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 Goals... I Haz Them.

I thought long and hard about whether or not I wanted to share my goals for this year. To be honest, I have a hard time sharing, being open, or even maintaining friendships. Not because I don’t want to but because it’s just difficult for me to relate to most people and I noticed that last year on the blog there was a lack of personality. It was just, reviews, reviews, reviews. I didn’t even do many author interviews or any kind of interviews. It was kind of… Generic.

On top of that, I kind of let my life go stagnate. So much has happened to me in the last 10 years and I hadn’t realized how it shaped my life and obliterated my plans. Not to mention my personality. So here I am, trying to find myself again. I’ve tried everything except writing them down and I hope that will help me keep my focus for this year. Also, a shout out to Anna from Herding Cats and Burning Soup for inspiring me to post my goals this year.

Blog Goals:
1. Let people into my life a little more with some fun posts.
2. Branch out a little from romance reviews.
3. Do at least one video review this year.
4. Buy stock images to use.
5. Use social media more. I’m really bad at this one because I just don’t know what to share, what to talk about. I lead a very monotonous life guys. It’s basically the same sh*t, different day.

Personal Goals:
1. Get my ass in shape. Start by walking (with Hayley).
2. Work on managing the depression and especially the social anxiety.
3. Stop worrying so much about what people will think of what I say. Someone is ALWAYS going to be offended.
4. Start off every day with a positive/spiritual thought that will help me grow as a person.
5. Move the heck out of the state and where I need to be!

I’m already intimidated by those goals and they’re the “easier” ones. Except #5. That one has been a goal for the past 12 years but for my health and sanity, it’s GOT TO HAPPEN SOON. I’m taking (baby) steps towards that one. I’ll tell you about it later though.

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