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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Throwback Thursday Review: Loved by the Dragon by Vivienne Savage

Throwback Thursday Reviews is dedicated to those books that have been around for years but you’ve only recently discovered. They’re the “New but Old” reads that are just too good NOT to talk about because there’s no such thing as “Too Many Books!”

This Week’s Throwback Thursday Book is: Loved by the Dragon by Vivienne Savage. Technically it’s two short stories that have been put into a box set. In total it’s about 120,000 words.

Format: .mobi (Free at the time I got it)
Publisher: Payne & Taylor
Release Date: October 1, 2015

Two complete stories/No cliffhanger/120,000 words/Adult content/PROFANITY
Author's Note: Originally published as Saved by the Dragon, Mated by the Dragon, and Taming the Dragon.

Chloe's weekend getaway doesn't go according to plan when she's trapped in a cave with a gorgeous, golden-eyed rescuer named Saul. His fiery secret and a hot, one-night stand will set in motion events able to change her life forever -- but all dragons aren't ready to accept mortal kind. As shadowy forces in the draconic world object to their new union, Chloe must find the strength to fight for a future with the man she holds dear.

When Marceline Vargas agrees to join her friend Chloe for an island vacation in Mexico, she's ready for fun in the sun and an escape from her hectic career. After crossing paths with the resort's owner, she soon discovers the billionaire dragon shifter is a charismatic enigma -- sexist but kind-hearted, intimidating yet generous. Can his chauvinistic patterns be tamed? Marcy intends to find out.

On a weekend hike, Chloe injures herself and ends up stranded in a cave where she meets the mysterious Saul and spends one heck of a night with him only to run away when she finds out Saul is a dragon. Adding to their obstacles is the fact that some of Saul’s kind aren’t exactly thrilled to see one of their own with a mortal and will stop at nothing to separate them.

Then it’s Chloe’s best friend Marcy’s turn. When she accepts Chloe’s invitation to vacation on an island, Chloe conveniently leaves out that the island’s owner is the same dragon who offended Marcy back when Saul and Chloe first got together. Naturally with the island belonging to Teo, Marcy crosses paths with him more than once and finds that he is a complicated mix of kind and generous and insulting and cold. Marcy’s curiosity keeps her coming back to Teo just so she can discover which side of him is the real one.

Loved by the Dragon is more erotica than romance so be prepared for a lot of sex. That said, the first story, Chloe’s story I liked it but I had a hard time liking Chloe herself. When she and Saul have sex her reasoning is really ridiculous and immature. She should have been more in control of her hormones especially when it came to her own safety. I didn’t really like her until about halfway through the story when she had to step up and fight for her relationship with Saul. That’s when I liked her best. Overall, the story moved fast but the first part of Chloe’s story was mostly one sexual encounter after another. Another thing about both stories is that while it’s told in third person, you only get into Chloe and Marcy’s heads. You never get to see things from Saul or Teo’s side until the end where the author adds a few “bonus chapters” where you finally get to see some things from the guys’ point of view. That was nice but I think it would have been better for those chapters to have been included in the actual stories instead of an added thing.

Marcy’s story was better in my opinion. There was still quite a bit of sex so I still considered it erotica but I liked Marcy for the most part. She was feisty and opinionated but still kind of vulnerable when it came to Teo. He wasn’t very nice to her when they first met but in his “bonus” chapters you find out why. It doesn’t excuse his behavior but it makes him more likable in my opinion. It would have been nice to have had those chapters in the actual story so that Teo didn’t come across as a total jerk.

Final Verdict: Loved by the Dragon is great for readers who are looking to have an easy read with lots of sexy times. I enjoyed this one for what it was and plan on reading the other books in the series as well as other books by this author.

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