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Monday, December 5, 2016

Quote-Tastic: Inviting the boyfriend to dinner

Hosted by Herding Cats and Burning Soup, Quote-tastic is a weekly Monday meme that gives readers a chance to share their favorite book quotes. So settle back, share your favorite quotes and help me add to my TBR mountain, er, have fun?

This week's quote: Is from Katie Reus’ A Mate for Christmas. Beware, foul language from one of the characters ahead! It's only natural though, his adopted daughter is dating someone he doesn't approve of!

     “So, I heard you reached out to Leila’s boyfriend yesterday.”
     Jayce’s expression darkened, but he nodded. “Yeah. Invited the fucker to Christmas dinner.”
      “And do you plan on introducing him as ‘the fucker’ to everyone?” She kept a straight face as she asked.
     Which earned her a scowl from him as they continued down the sidewalk. She was aware of holiday shoppers creating a subtle path for them on the sidewalk, but figured Jayce didn’t even notice it at this point.
     With a shaved head, a wicked-looking scar on his face, and intense gunmetal gray eyes that had seen far more death than any individual should, the male screamed danger. And to Kat, he screamed raw sex appeal. She’d never forget the first time they’d met—and the first time she’d put him in his place.
      “I just don’t get why she’s with a human. He’s weaker than her.”
     Kat snorted. “She’s a teenager. And he rides a motorcycle and has tattoos.” It wasn’t that hard to see. At least not to Kat.

Book Blurb:
It will take a miracle to survive the holidays...
After recently losing her parents, packmates and a sister, Noel Cordona isn’t even close to being in the holiday spirit. It seems that everyone around her is moving on and happy, but she can’t seem to get it together. When an unexpected kiss changes everything she thought she knew about her packmate Nathan O’Neill, she feels alive for the first time in a year. She’s too broken for him though. At least that’s what she tries to tell them both.

But Nathan’s been waiting patiently for Noel. He’s not going to lose faith now. With a little holiday magic, he can help her overcome the weight of her grief and show her that opening her heart to him is the best Christmas gift he could ever give her.

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