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Friday, December 23, 2016

Dear Santa, I Can Explain...

So tomorrow is Christmas Eve (And my birthday!) and I’ve been thinking that maybe you have the wrong idea about me. I mean, you’ve only seen the pictures of certain “events” but no one has ever asked ME, THE HAYLEY about what really happened. Who does that?

Technically you can’t put me on the Naughty list if you don’t know the truth right? Let me explain:

1. Mom’s Earphones: It was the first time I was left alone in my new surroundings. Okay so mom was in the kitchen with her counselor but still, I didn’t have any company!

2. My Red Harness: I’ve never actually worn one of these and I really thought that it was trying to suffocate me!

3. Mom’s Shoes: I thought they were toys. They’re always on the floor so…

4. Mom’s Bra: I thought she said “This is for you Hayley. Play with it.”

5. The Toilet Paper: Everyone in the house just walks in there and tears it off to wipe their faces or… Other parts with it, I was just doing the same thing!

6. Uncle Joey’s Blanket/Grandmom’s knitting needles: I didn’t KNOW it was a blanket grandmom was making for my uncle (I’ve never met him)! I thought it was a giant stuffy!

7. Grandmom’s Shoes: She leaves them on the floor too! Oh, you mean when I take them off her feet and play with them? Well, a little black birdie named Mr. Pud told me he used to take them off her feet and she loved that. So I do it too.

8. The Turkey: I thought they said “Take the turkey” not “Kiss the turkey!” Besides, who just kisses a turkey? I thought it was for eating and I do my best eating on my bed.

9. The mini Christmas Tree: I’ve never seen one of those and I wanted to take it to my bed to do a closer examination! It’s not my fault it isn’t “For Hayley Consumption!”

10. The Turkey (Again): Read number 8.

11. The Wrapping Paper: I was only trying to help wrap my aunt’s gift! I saw mom helping grandmom helping by pulling on the paper, it’s not my fault that they bought the cheap stuff!

So there you have it Santa, the truth behind ALL those supposed “Naughty” moments. I really wasn’t being a bad dog, just a little curious. There was some miscommunication (Not on my part though) because these humans are still learning how to speak fluent Canine.

Don’t punish them too hard Santa, after all, they’re only human and I kind of like them. They’re funny and they love me no matter what.

Well, I have to go now, mom and grandmom are starting the Christmas dinner preparations and I just know they’re going to need my input and help.



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