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Monday, November 14, 2016

Review: Dangerously Red by Kristin Miller

Ivy's time is up in the conclusion to the Dark and Dirty serial!

Format: .mobi (A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review. )
Publisher: Entangled Scorched
Release Date: July 18, 2016

In part three of the new Dark and Dirty Tale serial by New York Times and USA best-selling author Kristin Miller, the time has come for Red to choose. But things are not always as they seem…

Before the night is through, I’ll join the Arcana wolf pack, declare a mate, and transition into a wolf for the first time. I must decide between Reaper, the devilishly sexy huntsman, and Lukas, the fiercely controlling Alpha. Both pleasure me senseless, taking me to heights I’ve never known. But I can’t have both.

Time is up, and I must choose.

But Lukas just dropped a bombshell. If I declare him as my mate, no other person is allowed to touch me. Ever. Not a handshake or a good-bye hug. Talk about stifling. Not to mention, the Omega has all but forbidden me to choose Reaper. As I stand before the pack, I must decide…the man who unleashes dark desires inside me, or the man I’m forbidden to love.

The conclusion to Kristin Miller’s Dark and Dirty Tale serial basically reveals who Ivy picks to mate with, Lucas, the Alpha of the pack or Reaper, the Omega. Ivy’s spent time with and is attracted to both males but as time runs out she has to make a decision that she’ll have to live with for the rest of her life. Meanwhile, Reaper plans on continuing the search for his parents’ murderer with or without Ivy. Decisions, decisions right?

Everything is told quite quickly but with enough believability to make it worthwhile. It was pure curiosity on my part that had me picking up Dangerously Red after finding out that the first “book” wasn’t really a book but part of a novella. Yeah, I’m not into serials but I wanted to finish what I started. I did miss out on the second part of this serial but Dangerously Red manages to give enough information so that I got the gist of where Ivy was in this final installment, all without wasting precious time because at around 55 pages, every word counts.

Some readers might take issue with Ivy’s back and forth between Lucas and Reaper because she doesn’t just stop at being mentally torn between them. She lusts after both so, you can see where there might be an issue with some readers. It didn’t bother me that much to where I couldn’t get into what was happening, it all happens very quickly. There are one or two moments where some characters are redeemed a little bit in my eyes but I still took some issues with how controlling the males are. That’s what irked me. They treated Ivy like an object sometimes and worse, she let them do it.

Naturally since Dangerously Red is the last part of the Dark and Dirty serial, a lot of things have to be resolved but when there’s a serial like this a lot of things suffer. Things like character growth. It’s a fun read to be sure and if you’re a reader who doesn’t mind serials then by all means go for it but if you like more fleshed out stories then this is not for you. There’s no time to bond with characters or even get to know them. No background info save for what’s pertinent to the current events of the story, no moments where the characters are just being themselves, nada. The conclusion wraps up well though, there aren’t any major loose ends and all the important parts are covered: Who killed Reaper’s parents? What is Lucas hiding? Who does Ivy choose? What happens to Ivy and whoever she chooses?

Final Verdict: If you’re looking to score a really sexy paranormal romance and don’t mind the VERY short length, be sure to pick this one and the previous installments up.

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