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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Review: The Billionaire's Favorite Mistake by Jessica Clare

So… An “Oops Baby” romance that actually DID work for me. Not surprising that it’s by Jessica Clare who has a talent for writing both the smexy and the sweet.

Format: .mobi (A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review. )
Publisher: InterMix
Release Date: June 28, 2016

Greer has always been there for Asher, but she wishes she could break through her shyness and show how much she truly loves him. But after a steamy, mindless fling at Hunter and Gretchen’s engagement party, Greer finds herself tossed aside and forced to admit that you can’t love someone who doesn’t acknowledge you exist.

It’s a shame he got her pregnant.

After his fiancée betrayed him and tanked his business in one fell swoop, Asher has spent his time trying to rebuild his wealth and forget the past. But he doesn’t understand why Greer blew him off after their night together—until he catches a glimpse of her belly.

Now Asher is willing to do whatever it takes to convince Greer she belongs with him. And he’s very skilled at the art of persuasion.

A messy hookup one night between friends Asher and Greer at an engagement party is enough to put Greer’s longstanding love for Asher on life support after he pretty much tosses her aside. As much as she’s been there for him she finally admits to herself that he barely acknowledges her existence. Unfortunately their hookup has consequences. Greer finds herself pregnant and distances herself from Asher completely. Asher, clueless man that he is doesn’t know why

Asher was a sweetheart but it took awhile to see that side of him because naturally with all the money he had, he was used to getting what he wanted, when he wanted so actually working for the affections of a woman he cared about was new to him. The biggest standout trait he had was that while he had a not so happy past with a woman, it didn’t stop him from having a silly side and being able to joke about the disaster of a first time with Greer. Heck he even used it as a way to convince Greer to sleep with him again. He was confident but not arrogantly so. I think he might be my favorite billionaire but you know, I’m SO far behind on this series and the original that it will take some time to really be sure. I need to, you know, research these guys some more.

I loved Greer I really did. Her background and childhood didn’t exactly include warm and fuzzy family memories. In fact, she had a rather unorthodox childhood that left her with a yearning for that family bond. She was such a caring person that she could have easily become stale or worse, a pushover when it came to Asher. Greer had a bad case of unrequited love for Asher but she didn’t allow it to turn her into a sniveling idiot who saw qualities in Asher that didn’t exist. She was honest about Asher’s good traits and his bad ones so that made her more realistic to me. When Asher screwed up, she was sure to kick his butt over it and she made him earn her trust and her love back because she knew she was totally worth more than just being a convenience. She wasn’t indestructible though, she was left emotionally vulnerable by her upbringing and I felt for her, she was an awesome character and should be loved for that awesomeness.

Greer had always been in love with Asher but he didn’t see her as anything other than a friend at the beginning of the story. I thought that they had a spark between them only after their one night together and the author was careful on how she built on that spark. It was a gradual process and while the physical chemistry wasn’t a problem, it was the emotional one that needed the most time to grow into something substantial and I loved that. I loved that Asher didn’t all of a sudden decide he loved Greer as soon as she took off. He knew there was something different between them and was brave enough to explore it but he wasn’t quick to identify it as love, which made me believe in them as a couple. It was that foundation of friendship and deep affection that turned into something really sweet and funny at the same time. Of course, Asher and Greer’s physical relationship was really sexy but at the same time it held a note of humor because Asher made it humorous and later Greer joined in. These two had the sexy and funny parts down and needed to work through the rest.

Of course, with such a close knit group of characters having their stories told left and right, old characters were bound to pop up, especially since Asher and Greer’s life changing hookup happened at their mutual friends’ Hunter and Gretchen’s engagement party. That meant more Gretchen time! I loved Gretchen so being able to kind of see what she’s been getting up to since her and Hunter’s story was fun. Especially since she was still the same old Gretchen. Since I’m not caught up with either series there were a few characters I didn’t know but they were still fun to experience.

Can I say a huge THANK YOU to Jessica Clare for NOT writing a typical “Oops Baby” romance where by the end you’re not sure if the couple is really in love or they’re just together because the heroine got pregnant. I hate that and 98% of these “Oops Baby” romances are just like that but Clare really set the foundation for a genuine romance between Asher and Greer before he found out about the baby which pretty much eliminated my #1 argument AGAINST this trope. Also, while the pregnancy was definitely something Asher and Greer needed to deal with, it wasn’t shoved in my face every five pages. Instead these two characters worked on THEM as a couple first and I appreciated that they were the focus of the story. It went a long way towards convincing me that Asher wanted Greer for herself, not just because he got her pregnant.

Asher and Greer had a pretty awful first time together and the resulting distance she put between them caused Asher to have this moment of realization that he has not only taken her for granted but that there might be more between them than he originally thought. Jessica Clare did such a good job showing that Asher did actually feel more for her than just friendship before he found out about the baby that it made The Billionaire’s Favorite Mistake such a great read. I mean I’ve been a sucker for Clare’s writing style since her Bluebonnet series and she does write an exceptionally good Billionaire romance. It was addicting. Surprisingly enough I really liked where the bulk of the story took place, which was a Playboy Mansion-esque setting.

Final Verdict: First Jessica Clare had me reconsidering Billionaire Romances, now she has me seeing that an “Oops Baby” romance CAN work. The Billionaire’s Favorite Mistake had two very likable characters and a totally believable, fun, sexy romance that made me go “Awww” in all the right places.

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