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Friday, November 4, 2016

In Her Own Words... Oh Boy.

Hayley has hijacked the blog today. Apparently she felt she was being "misrepresented" in some of my social media posts and has demanded that she be able to clarify some things and share her opinions on what's going on in her life. If you've seen her Instagram page, you know she's pretty darn bossy. So yeah, without further ado, Miss Hayley.

Name: Hayley
Nicknames: Hayley Bean, Haywee (Thanks to the little boy up the street who can’t pronounce my name), The Velvet Burrito, The Itty Bitty Pittie, Mini Bull, Pittiepotomus, Hayley the Mini Hippo, The Foodie, Havoc Hayley… They keep adding more so…
Favorite Pastimes: Eating. Snacking. Munching. Chewing. Stealing shoes. Going for walks. Going to Starbucks!!!!
Random Facts: I have an opinion about everything. Also, I don't like it when momma takes forever to feed me.
Age: I’m told around 2 but that I act like 6 months.
Breed: Staffordshire Terrier or as my mom likes to say Staffordshire TERROR.

So I wanted a chance to tell MY side of the story because I’ve seen the pictures my mom has been posting on Instagram (Which, if it’s supposed to be MY Instagram page, why don’t I have access or have to give approval before those pictures are posted????) and that is SOOOO not an accurate portrayal of the awesomeness that is ME.

Okay so I was found wandering the streets on Christmas Eve 2015 by a nice family who took me in even though they couldn’t afford to take in another dog. After they had me checked for a microchip (I didn’t have one), they decided to house me until a good family was found. I was named Candy and got to play like a wild woman with the other dogs in the house. I thought life was good.

My first picture.
Fast forward 8 months later and I’m meeting two ladies who are interested in taking me with them. Now I didn’t know what was going on that day, I just came zooming out of the room I was in and noticed right away that these new ladies had broken hearts. I smooched them as I zoomed by and was just excited to see new people. I heard one of them say “Yes” and before I knew it, I had a collar and leash put on and I was lead outside to a car. Of course, I jumped right in for a ride.

It wasn’t until later that night that I realized I wasn’t going to go back to the house I lived in.

That day they changed my name from “Candy” to “Hayley.”

Exploring the new digs.
I’m not going to lie, it was hard for me to understand just why I wasn’t going back to the people I loved and the house I was familiar with. At the same time, these two new ladies that took me with them were crying because, as they explained to me, they just lost someone named Mr. Pud and they loved him very much. Especially my new momma, Adria. She was so broken when I met her and I knew that she felt guilty for getting me so soon after she lost her “dragon.” I didn’t understand this guilt thing, all I wanted was to go home. That night nobody slept. In fact, it was so hard for my momma, she and I slept in the car. As I slowly realized that I was not going to go back to the house I knew for 8 months, I started to look to my momma and my grandmom (Don’t tell her I called her that) for comfort. My grandmom (Again, no one tell her I called her that) fell in love with me right away but my momma was holding back.

I got my period right before my big surgery...
That was a little hard for me to handle because I knew I was stepping into big paw prints and I didn’t know where to begin but something told me to just be me. The first day I was left alone with my new momma she cried and cried as she told me about Mr. Pud. She even showed me pictures and videos of him so I could understand that I wasn’t at fault but that things were very hard for the three of us because we were all going through some massive changes.

There were a lot of tears for the first two weeks but I’m a persistent girl and I kept being my cheerful self. I can't help it, there's not a whole lot that can get me down. Except maybe an empty food bowl.

Deez eyez, they cannot resist!
Little by little, my momma’s tears stopped but her grief was still there. One day I took a chance and while she was sitting on the bed grieving, I jumped up with her and laid my head on her lap. I guess I did the right thing because she took my face in her hands, kissed my nose and said “You’re a special girl Hayley Bean. I’m sorry you had to come into a grieving family but if anyone can help us heal, you can.” I felt so special then! Like I was a superhero come to save my new little family. In that moment my momma told me that she was going to try harder to pick up the pieces for ME and for me only. So she got up off the bed and asked me, “Hayley, I heard you liked peanut butter. Would you like some?”

Well, I wasn’t going to deny her the chance to feel better so I said “Woof!” (Which means “Yes” in pooch).

My first STARBUCKS run!!!
Since that day my mom, grandmom (Don’t tell her I said that) and I have done a lot together.

They introduced me to STARBUCKS!

Ohmydog but you have got to try the Puppucino! It’s like, the best thing ever! I’m now a regular there and they’re starting to get to know me too.

I’ve let my mom and grandmom (Seriously, don’t tell her I call her that) know that I LOVE food but I don’t like to be kept waiting for my meals so I follow them around and bark to let them know this is not acceptable.

Da training. It's okay I guess
My grandmom (Again, no tattling) recently introduced me to a friend of hers who knows about something called “training” and she showed me how to behave when I’m out walking in public.

Eh, I’m not too sure about this stuff but when I do something right I get some really good treats so I guess it’s worth a try. Momma wants me to get something called a Canine Good Citizen Certificate because she says it will go a long way towards making people feel comfortable around me and will help us all find a better place to live.

I ask you, what better place is there than with two ladies who dote on me? Sure, I’m an only dog (for now apparently) but all the attention is on me so I can’t complain.

If I fits, I sleeps!!
I know I’ve just started my journey with my new family and there’s still a lot for us to learn about each other but I can honestly say I’m loving my new life. Sure, I still think about and miss the family that took me in but my mom says I should be grateful to them because so many people would not have taken me in or cared that I was alone on Christmas Eve. Mom and grandmom (PLEASE DO NOT TELL HER I CALL HER THAT) are very grateful to them for taking me in. Mom still cries for her Pud and she says she will always love him and miss him because he saved her and protected her. I don’t know from what but when she says it, it doesn’t sound good. So I guess even though I never met Mr. Pud I should be grateful to him for saving and protecting my new momma. I think I might have met him once though, I had to have because I knew certain things and when I started to do “Pud specific” things, my momma burst into tears and told me I was picked by Pud to be theirs. So I guess this was all meant to be.

You know, I also loves french fries...
I know now that I have a special purpose in life. I’m not just “a dog” or “a replacement dog” to these two ladies. I’m a band-aid to help two broken hearts but more than that, I’m a friend, their baby girl, their hope (All things they’ve told me) for better days.

I like that. It makes me feel good. I have so much to experience with them and I want to share my experiences with everyone. And also, to disprove my momma’s claims that I’m a terror around the house.

To prove that I’m a permanent part of the family, my momma has not only given me a space on her blog (What IS a blog anyway? You can’t play with it or eat it so is it really important) to talk about my new life and experiences, but she’s made a cartoon me to go on the… MOMMA WHAT IS IT CALLED AGAIN??? *Runs to momma to ask* Okay, it’s called a header. Don’t know what that is but the cartoon me has my eyes. I am immortal!!!!

Right now, I’m looking forward to participating in what is called Thanksgiving. I’m told I will have my own “Hayley Safe Menu” for dinner. I am so ready!!! Bring it on!

And that banner thingy better be temporary cause I don’t like it MOM!!!

See you next month!

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