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Friday, November 25, 2016

In Her Own Words: Hayley's First Thanksgiving

Name: Hayley
Nicknames: Hayley Bean, Haywee (Thanks to the little boy up the street who can’t pronounce my name), The Velvet Burrito, The Itty Bitty Pittie, Mini Bull, Pittiepotomus, Hayley the Mini Hippo, The Foodie, Havoc Hayley… They keep adding more so…
Favorite Pastimes: Eating. Snacking. Munching. Chewing. Stealing shoes. Going for walks. Going to Starbucks!!!!
Random Facts: I have an opinion about everything. Also, I don't like it when momma takes forever to feed me.
Age: I’m told around 2 but that I act like 6 months.
Breed: Staffordshire Terrier or as my mom likes to say Staffordshire TERROR.

So I had my first Thanksgiving, well not my first but the first where I was given a place at the table. Well, okay not an actual table cause I can’t sit still to save my life but I was included in all the planning and even had my own Hayley safe Thanksgiving meal! ZOMG and I got to try this thing called sweet potato, it was SOOOO good!

Oh but wait! I actually started my celebrating the day before Thanksgiving. Grandmom let me know that she had made me COOKIES! They were specially made just for me and they were DELICIOUS!

I found out that mom does NOT cook at all, she’s really bad at it, I saw it all with my own eyes. She burned toast. Grandmom says this is not new, she burns anything. It was grandmom that does all cutting of the food and I wanted some so bad but I heard a bad word when I asked. I heard “No.” Of course, this pittie does not like to hear that word and let my unhappiness be heard.

I smelled the smells until there was something amazing that came out of the big ice box. Mom called it… A turkey! I have never smelled anything so awesome in my life! So mom explained that they have a tradition in the family, the furkids have to “kiss” the turkey before grandmom takes it out of the shiny bag and does something to it before it can be cooked. So grandmom brought out the turkey and held it for me to kiss. Mom cried a little because she told me it was now my job to carry on the furbaby tradition that has been passed down since FOREVER and Mr. Pud left behind. So I did my thing and...

The noms. MY noms.
For future Thanksgivings: I was told grabbing the turkey and trying to take it back to my bed is not allowed. Must prepare to make it happen next year. Nothing can stop the Hayley! On a side note, my “antics” made mom stop crying and she was laughing hard at me.

After the kissing fiasco and a long day where I let both humans know that I was not pleased with me not getting any food, we went to bed where I knocked out for like, a million days.

Then it was the magical day! I woke up to these delicious smells, I mean it smelled like HEAVEN! When I came out of my room grandmom gave me a sample of my menu that she put together for me. Well that set me off on one of my happy rants until I was taken outside to do my “business.” I’m learning that’s code for “It makes Hayley be quiet.” Whatever.

My meal was soooooo good too! I had a little bit of turkey with mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots, and celery mixed with my usual noms. I was so happy! Then when I finished I got cuddles and belly rubs. I was told I was a good girl, that they were happy I came to live with them, and that I was very loved.

I felt loved. It’s an amazing feeling people. Everyone should feel it.

Mom then told me that right after turkey is… DESSERT! AND THEY HAD SOME FOR ME! I was treated to some sweet potato with whipped cream mixed in (Which I call “Peesh” because of the sound it makes when it comes out).

But the fun didn’t stop there!

Grandmom started setting up her Christmas trees. Yes, more than one. Of course, I thought it was a toy for me and tried to steal it, and bit the boxes, and got upset because that bad word was said to me again.

Ugh, I HATE that word! I’m a free pittie!

At this point I started to feel a little sleepy, it was another long day after all.

So after all the trees were set up, and put up where I couldn’t get them (Darn), mom, grandmom, and I went into the room to watch tv and I got more love. I love love, did you know that? Anyway, the last thing I remember is getting a kiss on top of my head from mom and grandmom covering me up with my blankie and then I fell asleep and had good turkey dreams. It was beyond my wildest and bestest dreams to have a family like this one. They're crazy but they're mine, and I'm theirs. I'm a happy girl.

Next up: My birthday and Christmas!

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