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Friday, November 18, 2016

Adria Picks Twenty: A Continuation

Okay so I’m a compulsive list maker. I have lists for EVERYTHING all over the place. Some of my lists are funny or straight up weird so I thought Why not share them?. Maybe they’ll be good for a laugh.

Now I know that Broke and Bookish has Top Ten Tuesday but the difference between theirs and mine is that I’ve had most of these lists for a while and most of them are WAY over 10 things.

Today’s List: A Continuation of My Favorite Movies!

So earlier this week I took part in Broke and Bookish’s Top Ten meme in which we had to list our top ten movies. I could only choose 10!!! I have much more than that! So here are the rest of my favorite movies (In no order because I need my sanity).

Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Yeah I love my Marvel films and this one was so much fun to watch in theaters. The fight choreography was amazing!

Iron Man - This is where it all started. I actually didn’t pick up on the Marvel films until after this one was out on dvd. I bought it at a discount (That’s how long it had been out, actually I think the first Captain America film had just come out on dvd) and the rest is history.

Sense and Sensibility - The soundtrack is just beautiful but it’s Kate Winslet’s portrayal of Marianne Dashwood that got my attention. This movie got me to pick up the book and while the book is better, the movie is the best representation I’ve come across.

The Heat - I just watched this one on dvd and Melissa McCarthy’s character had me practically peeing on myself. Especially when she’s looking for her boss’ balls.

X-2 - Jean Grey is my favorite X-Man and she takes center stage in this film. I wish that Bryan Singer had continued with the franchise after this movie since it was so amazing but oh well, at least this one was good.

Frozen - Yeah I know Lilo and Stitch has sisters in it but Frozen is the first story about adult sisters who grew apart and find their way back to one another. It’s a completely relatable film for me.

Tarzan - Aside from The Lion King, this film makes me cry the most. I have such love for the relationship between Tarzan and his adoptive mom Kala (The Gorilla). That and the music was what put this film as one of my favorites.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 2 - Out of the four films I love this one the most because we finally get to see Bella as a vampire. That’s pretty much why I love it. She goes from being the prey to a predator.

Thor - How can I not include the movie that introduced the God of Thunder? Though I think that Lady Sif and Darcy needed more screen time.

The Proposal - I’m not much for romantic comedies (Strange huh?) but Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds have amazing chemistry in this movie and the comedy isn’t obnoxious or over the top. Plus, Sandra’s character isn’t the “OMG I need a man to complete me” kind.

Bend it Like Beckham - Okay so a sports film centered around a female soccer team wouldn’t be my first choice of topics but this movie really works. There’s a total girl power vibe to it but my favorite thing about it is that the main character, Jesminder is trying to find who she is among her very traditional Punjabi family. I love how she defies what is culturally expected of her as a female in order to follow her dreams.

King Arthur - The 2004 film with Keira Knightley is the best version in my opinion because it’s not a prettied up fantasy version, nor is it a just another film in which to put the moment’s hottest actor in the titular role. I like the grittier version just fine where Arthur is not the king, Guinevere is not arm candy or a useless damsel, and that Lancelot love triangle doesn’t even feature. It’s a fight to save what would later become England from the Saxons. It’s definitely a more believable tale than what is usually told.

The Pirate - This musical is a gem. Gene Kelly and Judy Garland were so good together and there are some really funny moments here as well as some great dancing. One of the funniest moments to me is when Judy’s character faints at the sight of the fearsome pirate she’s fantasized over and her fiance takes a few seconds to realize she’s fainted because he’s ranting about the pirate’s presence on the island they live in. Another funny moment is when her character discovers the truth about her pirate and she retaliates in a very funny way.

Bringing Up Baby - Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn plus a Leopard named Baby. He’s a straitlaced paleontologist and she’s a scatterbrained madwoman who falls in love with him and uses one crazy adventure after another to get him to realize that she’s the one for him. Also, Baby causes a lot of problems.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - The Battle of Helms Deep is one of the best battle scenes ever but it’s the emotional toll that the quest takes on each of the remaining members of the Fellowship that has me hooked every time.

Central Intelligence - I love Dwayne Johnson, I really do. He seems like a kind hearted person (Which we need more of) and he really brought the feels with this movie. His character had such an earnest, almost childlike innocence to go along with his mad skills. I just adored the anti-bullying message in this movie too. It’s not shoved down your throat but rather unfolds from start to finish in a way that makes a point instead of getting on your nerves. And Kevin Hart? Man I just think he’s hilarious. I started listening to his comedy shows on Spotify and he cracks me up.

The Mummy - Be still my heart but I fell for this movie hook, line, and sinker. Not just because of the dashing hero but because it had to do with duh, ancient Egypt and I am such a nerd over that (I was reading and looking at pictures of Tutankhamen’s mummy in third grade which apparently caused concern for my teacher) but the difference in this one was that it was a woman who was instigating the search for a lost city. Yup, Evie the super librarian didn’t let her gender or the times stop her from being super smart and super courageous even when she was knocking down entire shelves of books.

The Mummy Returns - Aside from the final battle with the Scorpion King being a letdown, I loved seeing my favorite nerdy heroine front and center again. Evie made being a librarian/scholar/adventurer look badass once again. And that memory scene with her and Anck Su Namun was a scene I *nerd alert* printed out on photo paper and hung on my walls. I was SO obsessed with that fight scene and that story line. Also, I learned that the weapons they used were called sai and I’m still obsessed with those too.

The Count of Monte Cristo - Another movie that made me rush out and get the book. This story really gets me. I loved the casting and the locations but the emotional challenges and journey Edmond goes on is just heartbreaking but at the same time so vindicating as he begins to extract his revenge on all the players responsible for his wrongful imprisonment.

While You Were Sleeping - This is as sappy as I get movie wise. Again, Sandra Bullock has a way of making a romantic comedy without making the female character sound pathetic. Instead of Lucy wanting a man because she’s a certain age, she longs for a family and fantasizes about a man she thinks is perfect. But really, it’s about Lucy finding a family she fits in with as an adult and I think that’s perfect.

I know I'm missing some films but these are the ones that pop into my head whenever I think of my favorites.

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