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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Audio Book Review: Wild Boys After Dark: Logan by Melissa Foster

Format: Audio (A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. )
Publisher: World Literary Press (E-Book), Melissa Foster (Audio)
Release Date: June 14, 2016
Narrator: Robert Ashker Kraft

Everything's naughtier after dark...

Stella "Stormy" Knight is an expert at hiding--her feelings, her past, and her identity. Sometimes all that hiding takes its toll, and she needs to come out from under that heavy suit of armor and cut loose--but it never takes her long to put it right back on and disappear without a trace.

Navy SEAL turned private Investigator Logan Wild is relentless in his pursuit to discover the truth for his clients. He works hard, plays even harder, and always walks away unscathed and untethered. Until he meets mysterious and sexy-as-hell Stormy, who leaves him craving more than a one-night stand.

Passion ignites, secrets are shared, and their deep connection is impossible to ignore. But in order to have a future, Logan must uncover Stormy's dark past--and when he does, he'll hold her fate in his hands.

The first book of the Wild Boys After Dark series definitely caught my attention in no time

The title character, Logan Wild definitely lived up to his last name. He was tall, dark, and badass to the bone. I liked him in the beginning of the story and was a bit in love with him by the end. He had this deep need to help and protect the innocent that made him a great P.I. I do love when a character has a military background and Logan definitely had that. He was a ladies’ man for sure but the way he fell for Stella had me feeling just a touch envious of her.

Stella on the other hand didn’t quite manage to get me on her side. She was a survivor of a relationship gone bad and spent time running and hiding. Naturally she was going to be gun shy of Logan and his need to be a more permanent fixture in her life. However, I didn’t feel like she had enough time to work through her issues. They were in a sense overlooked in favor of the happy ending and while that’s great that she found happiness, it didn’t have a finalized feel to it because I felt Stella needed to work on herself a bit more due to the lingering effects of her past. She wasn’t unlikable, I just didn’t fully connect with her.

Together, Logan and Stella practically burned each other alive. Their chemistry was off the charts and this is where the book differs from Foster’s better known works. There’s a bit of insta-love on Logan’s part which wasn’t something I was a fan of, insta-lust yes but not love. It’s a short story, not novella length but not a typical novel length either. I liked the length though, I don’t like for stories to drag on and on and this one didn’t which was great.

The Wild Boys After Dark are sexier, dirtier, and more intense than what I’ve experienced when reading Melissa Foster. Granted, I’ve only read four of her books, five with this one but wow, Logan was definitely a notch above normal on the heat scale. I could see Foster picking up many more fans with this series but also giving her long time fans something new to enjoy without completely leaving behind the style that makes her so likable.

I’m still a newbie when it comes to audio books but I know what I like to hear when it comes to the narrator. Robert Ashker Kraft has a smooth quality to his voice and I had zero problems following along. For me it’s essential that I be able to connect to the narrator’s voice and I had no problem here. Kraft inflicted the right amount of emotion needed in every scene without going overboard. Definitely one of the better experiences I’ve had with an audio book.

Final Verdict: If darker, sexier, and naughtier is what you’re looking for then don’t pass up Wild Boys After Dark: Logan, I know I had fun and I’m hoping to get my hands on the next book in the series just because these guys were fun and book boyfriend material.

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