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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Adria Picks Ten Twenty: Actors Who Should Be Inspirations

Now I know that there’s at least one well known weekly meme that has bloggers list things according to themes but they’re not being thought up on the fly. I’ve had most of these lists for a while now. Of course, with my compulsion for making lists, you may see a few new ones now and again.

Today’s List: Twenty Actors Who Should Be Used as Inspirations for Romance Novels.

Have you ever noticed that most authors have the SAME inspirations for their heroes? It’s David Gandy, Chris Hemsworth, Henry Cavill, and/or Charlie Hunnam. And yeah those guys are hella hot (Especially that Hemsworth) but I’d hate to think that when I’ve just crossed off 15 great books on my list of reads that they ALL had the same kind of guy in mind no matter what sub genre. Um, are these guys the ONLY dudes available as inspiration? I’m just saying that there is a wealth of hunky celebrity men out there with new ones coming out every year. Why not mix it up a bit and change what “inspires” a romance novel hero? If I got a chance to submit my list of actors who “do it” for me these would be my top 20 (It’s an ongoing list folks, you can see it on my Pinterest Board as it continues to grow) in no particular order because that would be a never ending battle.

Edit: I actually decided to kick off this feature with this particular list after reading Jessica Lemmon’s upcoming Billionaire Romance, The Billionaire Next Door because have you seen her visual inspiration for Tag Crane???

Clicking on the link opens up a small pop up window for your viewing pleasure ;) But don’t worry, they’re all work friendly images.

20. Ben Barnes. Come on, with those eyes tell me he doesn’t have the right look for a paranormal romance *cough* Dark Hunter series *cough*

19. Henry Simmons. And you just HAVE to hear his voice. Great audio book possibilities there.

18. Dominic Cooper.

17. Luke Mitchell.

16. Tom Mison.

15. Chadwick Boseman. Blame Marvel. He did an awesome job as T’Challa and he’s beyond charming in interviews. YouTube him.

14. Charlie Cox. Yeah, my sister would kill me if I didn’t include him. He’s not a hardship to look at is he?

13. Rami Malek.

12. Brett Dalton.

11. J. August Richards.

10. Iain De Caestecker.

9. Idris Elba.

8. Matthew Gray Gubler.

7. Michael Ealy.

6. Tom Hardy.

5. Clive Standen. No, I don’t watch Vikings but my sister does and she’s the one who bombarded me with pictures on Pinterest of this very easy on the eyes guy.

4. Michel Brown.

3. Raoul Bova. I actually have NO idea who he is but he’s easy on the eyes right?

2. Shemar Moore. I’ve seen him used as inspiration here and there but not enough for my tastes!

1. Sebastian Stan. Ask Sharon from I Smell Sheep, she’ll totally back me up on this one I swear!

So, do YOU have a list of men you’d like to see used as visual inspirations? Show me, show me! Or tell me in the comments! It’s all in good fun!

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