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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Review: One Week to Score by Kate Meader

Time to say goodbye to another group of friends that I got really attached to! *sniffle*

Format: .mobi (A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review. )
Publisher: Brazen
Release Date: July 11, 2016

He’s the man she loves to hate…

Olivia Kane’s wedding day has just imploded spectacularly. Shots lined up at the bar? Bring it. Hot stranger on the hook? Come on down. What this party does not need is six feet and change of home-grown Texas cockiness in the form of her brother’s best friend, the man who broke her heart seven years ago.

She’s the woman he has to have…

Flynn Cross won’t stand by while Liv finds sensual solace in the arms of a stranger, not when his own hard-for-her body is more than up for the task. For one week, he’ll make her honeymoon-for-one a sizzling party for two.

Breaking the rules, one steamy night at a time…

But the taboo they’re breaking is only the beginning…and Flynn’s part in Liv’s wedding debacle could bring about their end.

I love an antagonistic/tension ridden romance and with One Week to Score I got TWO of my favorite tropes, Best Friend’s Sibling AND Enemies to Lovers. The story starts off when Olivia Kane’s wedding goes down in flames when she catches her groom to be going at it with one of her bridesmaids. So justifiably pissed, she heads to the local bar intending to get drunk as a skunk and then take a random hunk home to make the day feel less like a loss. Enter Flynn Cross, who just happened to witness Olivia’s disaster of a wedding and the man who broke her heart seven years before. But even now he’s not willing to stand aside and let some other man take his place with Olivia. Instead, Flynn offers to go on Olivia’s honeymoon with her and turn it into a dirty week for two and it works for a time but Flynn had something to do with Olivia’s wedding not happening so he’s basically sitting on a time bomb.

Flynn was so different in this book than in the other two. I got the laid back, playboy vibe sure but he was more intense in One Week to Score and a bit of a jerk at times when it came to the way he talked to Olivia. Yeah he had an “image” to maintain for her sake (according to him) but the only thing that kept him from going down as a total jerk was the fact that Olivia didn’t take his crap, she dished it right back at him and didn’t have to resort to exaggeration. She just told the truth in a blunt way and that was that. Though to be fair to Flynn, he didn’t cater to Olivia either. She came from a rich and socially prominent family and was kind of used to being treated like a princess, so having Flynn come and treat her like an average woman and tell her the truth really set off some fireworks.

Of course, the history between them added to the already tense atmosphere around them. I did like the sniping to a degree and I have zero complaints about the sexy times. They were everything all the sniping and innuendos promised and then some. One of my favorite aspects of Flynn and Olivia’s physical relationship was Olivia’s confidence to demand what she wanted from Flynn. I never felt like she played a passive role no matter how alpha Flynn got. I love that in a romance and Kate Meader has delivered in each book I’ve read.

Between the sniping and the rekindling of feelings between Flynn and Olivia there was some history that they delved into, including why Flynn suddenly ditched Olivia’s friendship years earlier, effectively breaking her heart and turning them into enemies. It was the question I had wanted answered ever since the two had a scene together in Taking the Score and I felt like the wait was worth it because these two had to arrive at the right place (and situation) in their lives that would allow for a second chance. I also enjoyed revisiting with Olivia’s brother Brody since he and Emma were my favorite of the series.

As with the previous books, One Week to Score was a quick read and I really enjoy the length of Brazen books. They’re long enough to tell a hot romance without going overboard and losing my attention with a lengthy tale. Flynn and Olivia deserved a second chance with each other and really did do my expectations justice.

Final Verdict: It’s sad but in a good way to see all three guys get their happy endings. I’m definitely going to miss these three and I thoroughly enjoyed Flynn and Olivia’s story.

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