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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Year Later...

Dear Littlest Ninja,

It has been an entire year since you left us. One whole year where we have had to adjust to living without your big presence in our lives. In case you’re wondering, we haven’t fully adjusted and we still miss you like crazy but we’re finding comfort in the memories that you left us. So that’s what today has become for us. Not a day of mourning but a day of remembering. And of looking at some of the many photos and videos I took of you.

I know you hated being photographed in the mornings because you were so not a morning pup but you always looked so cute with your tongue out, hair mussed, and when it was cold, your pjs on.

Of course, you were also a big time pillow hog. For such a little guy you had a lot of strength in you to pull pillows away from whomever was lucky (Or unlucky) enough to nap beside you.

I mean, how many pillows could a 12 pound dude need?

Another thing we’ve done is figure out just what breed you were.

You, my little ninja were NOT a Yorkshire Terrier but an Australian Silky Terrier.

That accounted for your bigger stature, ease with the hot weather, and most of all, the slight curl your fur had when it got too long or just after a bath.

See? I KNEW you weren’t a Yorkie even though everyone insisted you were. I just thought you were too big to be one.

Anyway, we still have all your things too. Your pjs, your “gangsta” hoodie, your little bath robe/fish outfit, your toys including that chewed up Velcro hair roller thing you loved so much.

They’re all the same as when you last wore them, they even smell like your oatmeal shampoo too.

It’s all these familiar things that help us remember you without the crippling pain that any pet parent can identify with.

Like the poem says “I wish the Rainbow Bridge had visiting hours” because that’s where I’d be every day. Visiting you and the rest of the babies that have crossed over.

Of course, then I’d never want to leave right?

We still miss you little Cooper.

We always will but we’re learning to focus on one simple fact: We had you to ourselves for a time. You were our silly faced ninja boy. So while we will always miss you, we will also remember that we were incredibly lucky to have you even if it was for a short time.

Your Family.

P.S. I’m sorry for all the times I blew raspberries on your tummy... Okay that's a lie, I’m not sorry, it made you kick your little feet in the air and you got hyper. It was cute.

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