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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Throwback Thursday Review: Beauty and the Billionaire by Jessica Clare

Throwback Thursday Reviews is dedicated to those books that have been around for years but you’ve only recently discovered. They’re the “New but Old” reads that are just too good NOT to talk about! Why not share them anyway? They may end up being a “New Read” for someone else too! After all, there’s no such thing as “Too Many Books!”

This Week’s Throwback Thursday Book is:Beauty and the Billionaire by Jessica Clare

Format: mobi (Purchased)
Publisher: Berkley
Release Date: October 7, 2014

Real-estate tycoon Hunter Buchanan has a dark past that’s left him scarred and living as a recluse on his family’s palatial estate. Hunter is ready to give up on love—until he spots an enigmatic red-haired beauty and comes up with an elaborate scheme to meet her.

Gretchen Petty is in need of a paycheck—and a change. So when a job opportunity in an upstate New York mansion pops up, she accepts. And while she can overlook the oddities of her new job, she can’t ignore her new boss’s delectable body—or his barely leashed temper.

Hunter’s afraid his plan might be unraveling before it’s truly begun, but Gretchen is about to show him that life can be full of surprises…

A dark past has scarred and made billionaire Hunter Buchanan a prisoner in his own skin, not to mention kept him a recluse in his own estate. He’s resigned to spending his life alone and in the shadows until he sees Gretchen Petty from far and comes up with an elaborate plan to meet her. Meanwhile Gretchen is need of a job and when an odd job opportunity pops up she’s quick to take it. When she meets Hunter sparks fly and the obstacles surrounding them seem impossible to overcome.

Beauty and the Billionaire definitely has a lot of elements of the Beauty and the Beast story in this one but it still manages to be its own story and it was so good!

Growly, ill-tempered, and secretive, Hunter was definitely the Beast to Gretchen’s Beauty. His physical scars aside, he carried around a heavy burden that was slowly turning him into little more than a machine with no light or warmth in his life. Even with his tendency to bellow and misunderstand situations I loved this guy! Who wouldn’t with his tough guy, I-Don’t-Need-Anybody attitude that hid a longing to love someone and be loved for himself in return. As he spent more and more time around Gretchen, that tough guy side started to fade and show the real Hunter which is about the time I totally fell for him.

Gretchen doesn’t scare easily and I loved that about her because Hunter can be domineering and scary when he’s angry so a lesser female would have either run away screaming or become a submissive doll to him. Not Gretchen, she poked at Hunter, fought with him, and in general did the chasing. I loved it! This woman was gutsy and pursued Hunter with everything she had; overcoming the silly obstacles he would half-heartedly throw her way. She had the kind of personality that kind bowled a person over at first but then brought the fun into things. Her sarcastic sense of humor was more than a match for Hunter’s own rusty humor.

For Hunter there was almost an immediate fascination with Gretchen from the moment he saw her. Gretchen too but she had to work around his cranky nature and his insecurity about his scars and I loved the setting of Beauty and the Billionaire because it provided them an opportunity to be alone and get to know each other pretty well because Hunter just doesn’t go out anywhere so having Gretchen stay in his home for a job was a great way to ensure that they spent as much time in the same space as possible. Their physical chemistry was hot, hot, hot, and definitely emotional each and every time they were together but it was the emotional connection and Gretchen’s steadfast acceptance of Hunter’s scars and moods that really made this book work for me. Her way of confronting things head on made it impossible for Hunter to shake her off and put her in the driver’s seat for most of the relationship. It was a great switch up for a Billionaire romance.

Jessica Clare has a great talent for writing a billionaire romance where the heroine has a chance to be the hero, and who has power over herself instead of handing it over to the hero just because he has money. I never once felt that Gretchen didn’t have a choice to leave Hunter or that she became so dependent on him that she couldn’t function on her own and that was crucial to my enjoyment of Beauty and the Billionaire. I can’t stand a book where there is no balance of power between a hero and heroine. Clare understands that a good balance of power between a hero and heroine mixed with great physical chemistry, strong storyline, and humor will keep readers coming back for more.

Final Verdict: I’m very attached to this series and I’ve only read three books in it.

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