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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Review: Seduced by Jess Michaels

Okay so this is the official last book of the Woodleys series and it was totally worth the wait!

Format: .mobi (A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review. )
Publisher: The Passionate Pen
Release Date: May 17, 2016

Criminal Jack Blackwood has plenty of problems, from his complicated relationship with his brother to the plethora of men coming to dethrone him as king of the underground. What he doesn't need is a rich, bored gentleman showing up to try to join his gang. Worse, he doesn't need that gentleman's sister, Lady Letitia Seagate, chasing after him demanding he keep her brother safe. If only the lady weren't so damned intriguing.

Widowed Letty is desperate to protect her younger brother, even if it means matching wits with the notorious, charismatic Captain Jack. Only the man has far more to him than she ever expected, and his tempting kisses and smoldering promises leave her wanting more than she has ever dared before. Can Jack uncover the truth behind Letty's darkest lies? And will they both survive the storm about to strike at the very heart of their passion?

Jack Blackwood has problems on top of his problems. From his strained reunion and relationship with his brother, to the numerous criminals who are trying to take away his title of King of the Underworld, to a bored gentleman trying to join his gang, and now Jack has the added distraction of the gentleman’s widowed sister, Lady Letitia Seagate who is so desperate to keep her brother out of the underworld she begins to follow and pester Jack. With Letty so close by all the time, the initial attraction Jack felt for her begins to grow and so does Letty’s fascination with Jack.

Jack was a scoundrel, no doubt about that but he also had a hidden code of ethics that I wasn’t expecting just based on the scenes he had in the previous book. One thing that was beyond a doubt was that he loved his brother War and their estrangement hurt him. Jack’s strength and his weakness was in the people he loved and as that small list grew he had to decide if it would make him weak or strong so watching him have that internal struggle made him all that more interesting. I’m so glad that Jess Michaels didn’t wait until later in the book to show that part of Jack’s personality because it really does push him as a character to make great decisions and not so great ones but more importantly it allowed me as a reader to have an immediate connection to him as a character.

I loved Letty to bits! She was a titled lady yet still related to her wallflower days when she was watching the world go by. She loved her family, especially her younger brother and was willing to do anything to keep him safe but at the same time she wasn’t so selfless that she got boring. She was fascinated by Jack and definitely attracted to him so she pursued him and she called a lot of the shots when it came to her and Jack’s relationship, only I don’t think she was aware of how much of a hold she had on Jack. My one complaint with Letty is that towards the end she has a “brain dead” moment where she does something totally stupid and almost gets herself and others killed. Up until that moment she had shown herself to be a highly intelligent and observant heroine so, what happened? I guess it was done to show how dashing and heroic Jack could be but it didn’t work for me. What good is a dashing and heroic hero if the heroine did something stupid to get that result?

Jack and Letty shared a pretty intense connection the moment they met, like they recognized that hidden part of each other that just wanted to feel accepted for who they were. I liked that connection because it meant that they wouldn’t be able to stay away from each other out of curiosity and the physical attraction. Their relationship started out as more physical in spite of the beginnings of an emotional connection already present but it worked for these two as a sort of “safe” side so that they didn’t have to deal with those emotions and the consequences that would come from it. As a couple they fit so well and were pretty similar once the obstacle of social status was removed. All in all, I liked them as a couple as much as I liked them as individuals.

I’m so glad that Jack’s brother War was a part of Seduced because I really wanted these two to just be brothers again without all the crap they had between them in the last book. It was clear that they loved each other but War couldn’t fully trust Jack so it was nice to have the brothers work together again but this time without so much distrust between them. I also loved seeing some of the Woodleys again, even if it was just a brief scene here and there. I love the eclectic family who placed love above social status and society’s good opinion.

Since Seduced is officially the end of the Woodleys I have to say that the series went out with a bang! It was the best of the series in my opinion and Jack lived up to the idea I had of him since the previous book. I’m so glad that Jess Michaels saved Jack and Letty’s story for last because it really did make for a great reading experience.

Final Verdict: Jack and Letty were a perfect way to end such a lovely series about a family whose loyalty and love for one another knows no bounds. These two characters had to overcome their troubled pasts which made them likable and the romance was steamy good.

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