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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hot, Bothered, or Bewilidered?

What IS Hot, Bothered, or Bewildered About? Okay so sometimes I read, hear, or see things that stick in my mind. Sometimes they’re serious, sometimes they’re annoying and sometimes they’re just silly and I’m the type of person that needs to write about it before I can “Let it Go” *cue song* so that’s what Hot, Bothered or Bewildered is for. A chance for me to get whatever I’ve latched on to off my chest. Its okay if you’re new, sit down, chat with me, revel in the absurdity that will sometimes happen with these posts, or chime in on how mad something makes you. It’s all good here as long as things stay civil.

In this Issue of Hot, Bothered, or Bewildered: I didn’t get my sh*t done on time and I don't know where my brain is.

In my defense, I’ve been dragging a bit for the past three weeks. Not because I’m tired of reading, on the contrary, my reading time has gone WAY up. It’s the writing that is slowing me down. The constant need to stop what I’m reading in order to write and format each day’s posts because I’m so behind that I am back to doing what I did when I first started the blog: Doing each day’s post the night before! Total freaking newbie move!

What didn’t help is that I’ve had Civil War on the brain. No, not the historical event, the movie. I have been watching clips, watching cast interviews, press junkets and the entire tour up until the movie premiere and just yesterday I saw the film for the first time (I don’t do large crowds, especially in theaters). I woke up early for a doctor’s appointment and from there went back to the house to feed a sleepy Mr. Pud (Who waited in the car with my mom while I was at my appointment and who does NOT like to wake up before 11. It was HELL getting him up at 6 am) and then took my mom to the movies with me. Now if you’ve seen the movie you know it’s a long one, which I didn’t mind at all but it set me back on all my chores, not to mention I was in a bit of a movie daze and I kept replaying my favorite scenes in my head.

"That's a 'NO' yo!"
I kid you not, I got on Facebook right away to chat with my sister, a friend, and a fellow blogger, the lovely Sharon Stogner from I Smell Sheep (Who totally fed my addiction for this movie on Facebook every day with tagged posts that mean more to me than love letters ;)). Yes, I like to really hang onto good movies so that’s what I did. I’m serious. Go check my Instagram if you don’t believe me. The last dozen posts or so are only the tip of the iceberg. I go all squealy teenager for a fun superhero movie.

And then I got the migraine from hell.

Oh the unfairness of it all. In fact, as I was putting this post together, I was squinting like mad through the pain. I’d like to let you know that any typos were not intentionally and are not a reflection of my overall intelligence. Though I do think that when I’m in pain I tend to have a better writing voice. What do you think? Yes? No? Shut up and write? Okay.

So while I’m dragging in the writing department and questioning my “style” of writing reviews each day, the time is passing and before I know it… BOOM! It’s time for another post to go up and I. Got. Nada. So here I am with a migraine, a movie hangover and absolutely no clue. Tell me I’m not the only one who gets like this because this is bananas *cue Gwen Stefani song*

I’m labeling this topic: Hot, Bothered, AND Bewildered because DAMN, I’m such a blank space baby.

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