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Monday, May 30, 2016

Advance Review: Primal Instinct by Tara Wyatt

Woot! Woot! I just LOVE discovering an author who has a talent for romantic suspense!

Format: .mobi (A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review. )
Publisher: Forever
Release Date: May 31, 2016

The first time he lays eyes on Taylor Ross in a bar, Colt Priestley does something few men would dare to do. He approaches the world-famous singer, shamelessly flirts with her, and gives her a night in his bed that neither of them will soon forget.

When Taylor's record label hires a bodyguard to keep tabs on the out-of-control rocker, she's less than thrilled to find it's her off-the-charts one-night stand who shows up for the job. She's terrified of letting herself fall for the damaged ex-Army Ranger, and she's determined to push him away. Yet every moment they're together simmers with tension. As the danger from an obsessed stalker mounts, Taylor and Colt are tempted to cross that line again-baring their hearts and souls as well as their bodies-and there's no telling how hot this song will get.

Well hello sexy bodyguard romance!! Okay so basically after ex-Army Ranger and current bodyguard for hire Colt Priestley sees wild child musician Taylor Ross in a bar the two flirt, then get hot and heavy for one night because you know, neither one is in a position to offer more. Then Taylor’s record label hires a bodyguard to keep her in line and guess what? It’s Colt. Taylor tries to push him away but Colt is determined to explore the connection they have and the tension builds between them even as a stalker gets more and more desperate to get close to Taylor.

Colt was a disgraced bodyguard. Right from the beginning author Tara Wyatt made it very clear that he screwed up in the previous book and had to pay the price. It weighed heavily on his mind and I liked that he really regretted the choices he made that lead up to his dismissal from the security firm he worked at. In a way Primal Instinct was Colt’s second chance story in terms of his professional life and I liked that he suffered from the occasional bout of uncertainty about whether or not he’d be able to protect Taylor. It made Colt way more likable than if he had been this hotshot cocky guy who thought he never made mistakes. His vulnerability when it came to this really made me see him like Taylor did, just a man trying to make up for his mistakes in the best way he knew how.

Okay I really liked that Taylor was the out of control celebrity instead of Colt. It changed the dynamic between the two and gave a whole new perspective to the “Celebrity/Non-Celebrity Romance” theme. Colt called the shots in private and when it came to her security but Taylor was definitely the star of the relationship and it really takes a tough heroine to be able to be both celebrity and woman in love. I liked that she didn’t automatically hide behind Colt when things got tough. She did her best to fight alongside Colt instead of expecting him to do all the heavy lifting when circumstances got dangerous so to speak. One thing I didn’t like about Taylor is that towards the end she did some dumb sh*t that almost got her killed, TWICE. A third time would have landed her in the TSTL camp but thankfully she didn’t get a third chance to be that dumb again. Other than those moments where I questioned her lack of common sense, she was a pretty neat character.

But can I just say that along with the scorching hot chemistry between Colt and Taylor, there was a lot of laughter in the form of pranks? I don’t want to give away too much but these two had a bit of a prank war going on that led to some ugly snorting laughter from me in the most awkward places (Doctor’s office, Pharmacy, Bus station)! To me it was in those moments where they were playing pranks on each other that their guards went down enough for them to have some real heart to heart moments before they remembered that they weren’t the long term kind.

I missed the first book in the series but the couple from that one, Sean and Sierra do a good job of providing a more realistic past for both Colt and Taylor while not stealing the spotlight. I also have a curiosity about Colt’s friend Roman who seems to have a real love for the ladies. Plus, he’s funny in a sarcastic way, I love a sarcastic character.

My biggest complaint about Primal Instinct was that the villain’s identity was revealed early on! I would have LOVED for that to be kept a secret to increase the suspense and mystery because it just makes things so much better but even with me knowing who the baddies were, I still got hooked on this new-to-me author’s writing style. Tara Wyatt totally understood that a good romantic suspense just cannot be slow paced, nor should it have too much unnecessary dialogue or scenes. This book moved quickly from one scene to the next all while making it easy to keep up.

Final Verdict: Sexy, fast paced, and definitely funny, Primal Instinct introduced me to a good time and had me adding Tara Wyatt to my “Future Reads” list.

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