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Sunday, April 3, 2016

What We Watched: Almost the end of this tv season

Okay so another of my hobbies is watching television shows. I don't do this as often because I really can't stand reality shows and that's all there is now. However, there are a few shows that have snagged my attention and while these weekly posts aren't reviews per say, I thought it might be fun to share my thoughts on each week's episodes.

My tv partner is always Mr. Pud and he ALWAYS has something to say either in a look, gesture or in simply taking some of my snacks for himself.

I hope you'll share with me YOUR thoughts on not just these shows but your own favorites too!

*** Just a warning though. Given that these are not reviews but commentaries on each show, expect SPOILERS.

My thoughts for the week of: March 28, 2016

Photo by NBCUniversal/NBCUniversal
© 2015 NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Show: Blindspot
Episode Title: Older Cutthroat Canyon
Cast: Jaimie Alexander (Jane Doe/Taylor Shaw), Sullivan Stapleton (Kurt Weller), Marianne Jean-Baptiste (Bethany Mayfair), Rob Brown (Edgar Reed), Audrey Esparza (Tasha Zapata), Ashley Johnson (Patterson), Ukweli Roach (Dr. Borden)
Channel and Time: Mondays at 10/9c (After The Voice) on NBC
Episode Summary: Jane shows up at Oscar's meet and is handed her new assignment: place a tracker inside the team's vehicle. Edgar wakes up with a gun pointed at his head. The masked man warns him not to investigate Carter's death. Elsewhere, a man in a wolf's mask steals a painting. Patterson has hit a major clue, the burning rose on Jane's body. The investigation leads to an art gallery, which has been robbed. Kurt discovers a bomb planted in a sculpture and shouts for everyone to leave. After the bomb explodes, Jane finds Kurt bleeding from the neck. Taking charge, Bethany wants the team to find the bomber responsible. Knowing where the artist lives, Edgar and Jane investigate his apartment room but get shot at by a sniper who Jane recognizes from a flashback. When the sniper makes his escape, Jane removes her radio and makes a run for it too. Kurt wakes up in the hospital and is given the update on the case. Though he's bleeding, Kurt refuses to go back to the hospital until Jane is safe. Jane makes a call to Oscar who gives her details about the sniper. As the team gets a lead, Jane discovers more about the sniper from Oscar. At a shipyard, Kurt and his team find themselves at the sniper's hideout and become trapped. Oscar is given directions to keep Jane safe, but she needs to know Kurt and the others are safe so she steals Oscar's car and heads straight to the shipyard where she gets caught by the sniper. Kurt blasts his way out of his trap as Jane fights the sniper. Oscar shoots the sniper and they both fall over the railing and drop into the water. Knowing Sarah is in danger, Edgar doesn't want to investigate Jane and has to break Sarah's heart in order to protect her. At their meeting spot, Jane finds Oscar alive. The sniper is also still alive.

My Thoughts: Well it seems that the mystery of just who is pulling Jane’s strings has been put in the back burner in favor of a former member of Jane’s team going rogue.

Cade was the name of the rogue operative and he ruthlessly cut down his former team members, including the man who broke into Jane’s apartment back episode 1, 2 and 3 who was there to help not hurt Jane.
Oscar seems to have more than a professional investment in Jane. Just who is he and if he’s given orders to “deal” with Jane will he do it or will he turn rogue too? If Jane has feelings for Weller, how will this affect Oscar’s feelings/loyalty towards Jane?
Weller is hurt in an explosion meant for Jane and is taken to the hospital but when he learns that Jane is the true target, he puts his health at risk to find and save her. I wonder if/how his feelings will change when he finds out Jane’s been hiding things from him.
We really didn’t get a chance to see Reade and Sarah Weller in a relationship before he’s held at gunpoint and threatened to leave the investigation into Carter’s disappearance alone. In order to protect Sarah, he breaks her heart.
So it’s already been established with certainty, or as much certainty as this show allows that Jane is Taylor Shaw BUT what about the tooth thing? And what really happened to her all those years ago? Will we have to wait until next season to find out?

© ABC Network
Show: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Episode Title: Watchdogs
Cast: Clark Gregg (Phil Coulson), Ming-Na Wen (Melinda May), Brett Dalton (Gant Ward), Chloe Bennet (Skye/Daisy Johnson), Iain De Caestecker (Leo Fitz), Elizabeth Henstridge (Jemma Simmons), Nick Blood (Lance Hunter), Adrianne Palicki (Bobbi Morse), Henry Simmons (Al MacKenzie), Luke Mitchell (Lincoln Campbell)
Channel and Time: Tuesdays at 9/8c (After Fresh Off the Boat) on ABC
Episode Summary: Mack, struggling with the departure of Morse and Hunter, takes time off to be with his brother Ruben. When an online hate group called the Watchdogs uses Howard Stark-developed nitramene bombs to perform a terrorist attack on an ATCU facility, Coulson suspects that former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Felix Blake—who had been committed to the advancement of nitramene technology and has been missing since having his back broken by Deathlok—has taken over the group. Ruben becomes disillusioned with Mack when he leaves to investigate a Watchdog base and accidentally reveals his S.H.I.E.L.D. agent status, but Mack is able to improve their relationship when he fends off a group of the terrorists that attack the brothers. Coulson takes Campbell to search Blake's known safehouses, and the two are confronted by Blake in one via hologram; he reveals that Hydra is backing him and the Watchdogs in their crusade to kill all Inhumans, and S.H.I.E.L.D. realizes that the attack was a cover for Hydra to steal something from the ATCU.

My Thoughts: Still reeling like Mack from the events of “Parting Shot” but the wicked never sleep. I’m really loving the pace of this season. I don’t think there’s been one slow epi- No wait there was one, it was “4,722 Hours” which I still think was unnecessary. But other than that the pacing has been great and I love how the writers aren’t dragging things out with the team finding out about Ward/Hive (Which is next week’s episode!).

I LOVED having Mack take center stage. I love the big guy and it was nice to see him with a connection outside of SHIELD and giving us viewers a bit more personal info on him (His nickname is “Alfie” and I hope Daisy gives him a little teasing for it). His relationship with his brother was interesting, both brothers on opposite sides of the Inhuman problem and Rueben finding out that not only is “Alfie” a member of SHIELD but his partner is an Inhuman or “Freak” as the Watchdogs call them.

I think Daisy crossed a line in this episode, using her powers to intimidate and frighten. She reminded me of her mother and I hope someone points that out to her. Mack seems to be her conscience but he had his own problems to deal with.

FITZ IN THE FIELD! It’s been awhile since he’s been on a field assignment and I love how the show switches up the pairings so that we really get to see each character bond with the others and give the overall show that “family” feeling. Watching Fitz and Daisy pair up was fun and I enjoyed the other pairings: Jemma and May and wow, Coulson and Lincoln!

Coulson giving Lincoln a hard time was a long time coming and Coulson didn’t pull any punches either! Everyone knows Lincoln is only at SHIELD because of Daisy. She’s the only one that binds Lincoln to the team and it’s a tenuous thread too. Daisy is important to Coulson and the rest of the team so Coulson assumes a bit of a father figure role in testing this guy but let’s face it, the bigger issue is: Can Lincoln be trusted as a member of SHIELD? Can he function as part of a team? Can he work with humans? Can he follow orders? Can he control himself? Only time will tell.

© 2015 Fox Broadcasting Co
Show: Sleepy Hollow
Episode Title: Delaware
Cast: Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane), Nicole Beharie (Abbie Mills), Lyndie Greenwood (Jenny Mills), Zach Appelman (Joe Corbin), Shannyn Sossamon (Pandora), Lance Gross (Daniel Reynolds), Nikki Reed (Betsy Ross),
Channel and Time: Fridays at 8/7c on Fox
Episode Summary:
My Thoughts: So Team Witness has a new member! Danny! If he survives the season, could he cause problems between my two favorite characters? Betsy Ross isn’t dead either! She’s been in some kind of suspended slumber in the catacombs were Abbie was trapped and she doesn’t seem like a friendly type. Abbie didn’t seem thrilled to see her either. I know I wasn’t. This smells like a disaster. Like a Katrina type disaster. Why does every show try and “pair up” people??? Whenever this show does this it’s a waste of time and takes away from the aspects of the show that are the most interesting. The flashbacks of Betsy were helpful but what purpose will she serve in the present aside from getting in the way of Ichabod and Abbie’s friendship and mission?

Joe Corbin you’d better not stay dead damn you! I like Joe and I like him as Jenny’s partner. He’s also a pretty funny character too and provides a lot of the dry humor in tense situations.

I still feel sorry for Pandora who was manipulated by The Hidden One through her feelings for him. She can’t be trusted but at least she tried to buy Team Witness some time.

What a revelation by Jenny and Abbie’s dad huh? He’s known all along about Abbie, Ichabod, Joe, and Jenny’s battle against the supernatural and he even knew Joe’s dad and Nevins too!

Next week is the season finale and I sure hope it gets renewed for another season and that the writers work on the issues that this season had (Namely too many players getting their own spin off storylines). I’m not sure I like Betsy Ross’ appearance in the present, mostly because I love the Ichabod and Abbie friendship so much.

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