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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Review: Tell Me You Crave Me by Joya Ryan

I always get super excited reading books by Joya Ryan. This makes TWO series by her that I just love!

Format: .mobi (A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review. )
Publisher: Brazen
Release Date: April 4, 2016

Easton Ambrose has spent half his life protecting Natalie St. Clair from guys like himself. It’s not like he wants to interfere with her dating life, but what’s he supposed to do when she insists on going out with the wrong kind of guy? Kiss her, of course. But now she's pissed. And what starts as an apology turns to heated words...then just to heat.

Jumping East was the worst idea in the history of ideas. The guy is Natalie’s older brother’s best friend, the definition of off limits. But she’s tired of the safe guys who couldn’t light a fire with a flamethrower. Time for a little dangerous—even if dangerous always blows up in your face. Because even if they survive their bedroom antics, it’s only a matter of time before they’re caught…

Easton Ambrose and Natalie St. Clair have spent most of their lives bickering and circling around one another to cover an inconvenient attraction to one another. Easton having grown up as a sort of adopted son of the St. Clairs tries to hide his attraction under the guise of looking out for Natalie but when she insists on dating guys who don't appreciate how unique she is, he gets mad. She gets madder and then the clothes start flying. From the first kiss East and Natalie know their fling is like playing with fire but they would rather deal with the consequences later.

Natalie had a case of low self esteem and under other circumstances that would have annoyed me but she really had a reason to feel the way she did. I felt bad for her even as I admired her strength in going after what she wanted with her professional life. She had a lot going for her only she didn't see it thanks to her well meaning (I think) but kind of insensitive friends and family. Their thoughtless comments and jokes were damaging to this woman's fragile self esteem that came from being born different that her mother and brother. Her mother was a piece of work. She measured a woman, more specifically her Natalie's success by whether or not she had a man and a bunch of kids, she brushed off Natalie's success as a baker as little more than a cute little hobby and constantly stuck her foot in her mouth about Natalie's appearance without even realizing it! Enter Easton Ambrose, Natalie's psuedo brother and general pain in her butt.

First off let me say: Ooo, Easton you dirty, sexy man you!

This walking, talking sex machine was just as irresistible to me as he was to every woman in the town of Beaufort, North Carolina. It wasn’t just his cocky attitude when it came to sex, it was also his secret insecurities when it came to relationships, both familial and romantic that had me going "Oh well, HELLOOO HANDSOME!" He had enough confidence to make him an alpha male but not an overload that pushed him into alphahole territory. I remember a scene with East in the previous book, Tell Me You Need Me and while I had painted a different picture of him in my head, it didn't dull my interest in him in the least. As much of a womanizer as East was, he was still likable, funny and a good friend to Natalie's brother. His charming personality hid a pretty decent sized insecurity because he was essentially adopted by St. Clairs and felt he owed them a lot, which includes staying away from Natalie. But Easton at heart was a good guy and I loved how special he made Natalie feel with his actions more than his words. Who wouldn’t want someone who shows you how special you are instead of just telling you? He had me melting like butter on a hot summer day.

And I wasn’t the only one. East and Natalie had some serious heat between them. East’s naturally dominating, rough side would come out and wouldn’t you know it? Natalie liked to poke at that side to get what she wanted from him. Gotta love a woman who can meet an alpha head on and make her own demands known. Really, these two couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Of course a book like Tell Me You Crave Me wouldn’t be complete until Natalie learned to stick up for herself and tell others to butt out of her life and she did! I think that moment was one of my favorites in the whole book and Joya Ryan did a great job taking Natalie from an insecure, kind of sad woman and making her grow into a confident woman who acknowledged and embraced what made her different from her mother whom I found slightly ridiculous.

Final Verdict: Although I haven’t read all of her Brazen titles, Joya Ryan has yet to disappoint me. Tell Me You Crave Me was one of the best and sexiest Best Friend’s Younger Sibling romance I’ve read in a while. I can’t wait to see what Ryan has coming up next.

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