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Monday, February 8, 2016

The Herd Presents: Share the Love Hop (Giveaway)

Share the Love

Whoa I almost forgot about this hop! Bad me, BAD me! Okay so thanks to Anna at Herding Cats and Burning Soup because she totally rocks with these ideas!

It’s time for our annual Share the Love giveaway hop! This hop is a little different and all about sharing our favorite bloggers and authors with you! There’s a giveaway at every blog so visit them all and find out who all we just adore.

There are so many deserving authors and bloggers who have given me the chance to review their books and who have given me their friendship in return.

For you lovely visitors I'm giving away a Kindle copy of The Duchess Hunt by Jennifer Haymore AND Undesired Lust by Eden Summers to one lucky visitor.

Share the Love:

1. Jennifer Haymore. A talented author with a flair for angst as well as delicious romance, fun characters and addictive settings.

2. Eden Summers. A cheeky Aussie who is also a very talented author. I love her snarky yet erotic style of writing (RECKLESS BEAT GUYS!!!) and her friendly personality which makes it easier for me to come out of my shell.

3. Stacey Joy Netzel. I am so lucky to be able to chat with this woman on Facebook. We share a love of animals as well as a love for Stargate SG-1 ("O'Neill. Two L's."). If you like romance with humor you gotta read her books! Especially her Italy Intrigue series.

4. Felicia from Geeky Blogger's Book Blog. One of the first people who befriended me. She's another avid animal (specifically dog person who are my favorite kind of people) lover and I LOVE it when she shares photos of her canine friends on Facebook.

5. Last but not least, our lovely host Anna. She's a superwoman and it seems she's everywhere at once but always has time for a kind word for someone who might need to one. She's also got a steel backbone when it comes to ridiculous people. Her interactive Facebook posts and awesome blog posts honestly make my day and sometimes I binge on her posts like some people binge on Netflix.

Simon Hawkins, duke of Trent, is no stranger to scandal. Rumors and innuendo have darkened the House of Trent for decades, and it has fallen to Simon to restore his tattered family name. He lives by a strict code of honor, but when he is called home to investigate his mother's disappearance, the distinguished duke will tangle with temptation. For there waits the only woman he has ever loved-and the last woman he should desire . . .

Sarah Osborne has spent her life dreaming of Simon's touch. But dukes do not long for lady's maids-or so Sarah believes, until a stolen kiss sparks a passion that could be her ultimate undoing. As the couple begins a forbidden romance, a cunning enemy plots to destroy the duke and everything he loves. Now, caught in a blackmailer's web, Simon faces an agonizing choice: sacrifice his family's future or break Sarah's heart.

They used to be the perfect team.

Two years ago, songstress Sidney Higgins ruined her life by sleeping with not one, but two of the famous Reckless Beat men, Mason Lynch and Sean Taiden. Their night of intimate celebration turned into a worldwide sensation when the video Mason vowed to keep private was uploaded to the internet, destroying her squeaky-clean reputation and turning the world against her. Now she’s broken and left without hope, trying to find the one thing that can get her back on her feet.

A mistake neither one of them is willing to forgive.

When the sex tape went viral and his best friends held him accountable, Mason bore the stigma of asshole with pride. Now, bitterness has destroyed him, driving away his muse and making him worthless in the industry he loves. There’s only one option left to reclaim his creativity, but that would mean collaborating with a woman who wants to castrate him with a plastic knife.

A palpable chemistry even hate can’t diminish.

Forced to work together, neither one of them is prepared for the undesired lust which immediately takes hold. The lies fade away, exposing the truth; however, it also awakens a threat from their past. The person responsible for tearing them apart is back to ensure they don’t rekindle a spark. With their safety in the balance, Sidney and Mason need to determine what they’re willing to risk to reclaim a relationship they wish they’d never lost.

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