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Monday, February 15, 2016

Review: Fade Into You by Tracy Wolff

Okay I totally loved this book and I'm so glad I broke my "Don't start a series in the middle" rule because AHHHH! This was a good introduction to Tracy Wolff!

Format: .mobi (A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review. )
Publisher: Entangled Brazen
Release Date: February 15, 2016

She’s one addiction he can’t resist.
Wyatt Jennings has been called a lot of things by the media. Bad-boy rocker. Intense drummer. Addict.
Finally out of rehab and desperate for a fresh start, Wyatt rejoins his mega-platinum rock band Shaken Dirty as they prepare for their world tour. But Wyatt’s demons are never far behind, always nipping at his heels for one. More. Fix.

Enter Poppy Germaine, the band’s new social media consultant. A beautiful bombshell who somehow manages to get underneath Wyatt’s skin, Poppy’s an addiction Wyatt can get behind. And even though she’s with the label—and therefore off-limits—he craves her. Needs her.

Except Poppy isn’t actually a social media consultant. She’s the daughter of the label’s CEO, sent undercover to babysit Wyatt and keep him from falling off the wagon again. Proving herself to her father is Poppy’s only goal—until she finds herself in Wyatt’s bed. But if Wyatt discovers the truth, it could send him spiraling all over again…

Fade Into You tells drummer Wyatt Jennings’ story of reclaiming his life and finding love after completing rehab and author Tracy Wolff doesn’t shy away from the temptations or the rollercoaster of cravings that follow a drug addict either. Wyatt basically has to claw his way back up to the top, not just in his professional life where his band Shaken Dirty is getting ready for a big tour but in his personal life where he feels none of his band mates trust him to stay sober. Then he meets Poppy, the band’s new social media consultant. There’s an instant connection and while Wyatt’s attention is diverted from drugs to a woman, he’s not aware that Poppy isn’t what she claims. In fact, she’s the daughter of the record label’s CEO, sent not as a social media consultant but as a glorified babysitter to make sure Wyatt stays clean and sober. Poppy wants to prove to her father once and for all that she can be an asset to the label but as she falls for Wyatt her goals are less clear than her fear of Wyatt falling off the wagon if he learns the truth of her presence among the band.

I liked this book. I really, really liked this book. It had a bit of grit, felt a little raw and had a bit of an edge to it. It was something different because the hero, Wyatt Jennings, had to start from the bottom and work his way up to not only be worthy of the woman he loved but to make peace with himself over his past. That’s something that isn’t really done too much unless the author is going in a dark direction for a romance novel and in this case Fade Into You had its elements of darkness but it wasn’t too dark to where I didn’t enjoy myself. It had moments of humor, of course a lot of passion but it also told a real story about a man trying to put his life back together after letting addiction control him for so long.

I felt an immediate connection to Wyatt, because of his insecurities and vulnerabilities. Tracy Wolff had no problem showing how destroyed this character was in the beginning and how real his struggle was just to make it through one day without a hit. I loved that Wyatt wasn’t sure he was going to be able to stay clean, I loved that he wasn’t over confident and that he was terrified of losing his uphill battle and disappointing his band mates who were his only family. My favorite scenes were when Wyatt would realize how much he meant to each of his band mates and to his best friend because he would catch a glimpse of the hell he put those people through, not because he wasn’t worth it but because he was to these people and they were scared for him. I think that’s what helped him the most, realizing the value these people placed on his health and happiness.

Fade Into You really hit the mark when it came to a comeback story. When the story started, Wyatt had just begun his uphill climb after hitting rock bottom and while Tracy Wolff didn’t hide Wyatt’s demons or the temptation to fall back into drugs, she didn’t soak the story in negativity and sorrow. There was plenty of heat between Wyatt and Poppy along with heart which is important to me and makes a book memorable.

Poppy may have started out as nothing more than an expendable employee in her father’s eyes but as a character she had too much empathy to ever mimic her heartless father’s business practices. Her instincts when it came to the music business made her more than just a regular character but it was her compassion encased in a spine of steel that I loved. She knew when to push and when to give but she was never a push over. Plus she had a great sense of humor.

There were also plenty of supporting characters to focus on in the story. Aside from Wynn’s band mates, there was Poppy’s brother, the golden child of their father’s eye. I expected a smug, entitled brat but Caleb had the same empathetic heart as Poppy and a belief in her abilities that made me want to know more about him. I hope he gets his own story too.

Final Verdict: Wolff is a new to me author and I loved that Fade Into You was my introduction to her work. I hope that I get the chance to read future books in the series and Oh. My. Goodness, there are two previous books.

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