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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Review: Along Came a Rogue by Anna Harrington

Huge thanks to Anna from Herding Cats and Burning Soup for getting me interested enough in this book to request a review copy for myself! You were so right!

Format: .mobi (A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review. )
Publisher: Forever (Grand Central Publishing)
Release Date: February 23, 2016

Major Nathaniel Grey is free to bed whomever he wants, whenever he chooses, and that's exactly how he likes it. His only loyalties are to country and the two friends he served with-brothers he'd do anything for. So when one of them is gravely injured and asking for his little sister, Grey will move heaven and earth to bring her home. He's greeted not by the gangly girl he remembers, but a stunningly beautiful woman holding a loaded musket. And he's utterly captivated by her . . .

Once upon a time, Emily would have loved nothing more than a stolen hour with her brother's best friend, the dashing officer who captured her heart and soul. But things are different now-and so is she. Gone is the eager young woman who believed in love. In her place is a widow weighed down with secrets who desperately needs to disappear before they're revealed. But Grey's sinfully sexy smile offers protection unlike anything she's ever known, tempting her to risk everything . . . even her heart.

Along Came a Rogue is a swoon worthy romance that had me wanting to go right back to the beginning and read it all over again once I reached the end.

Basically the story begins when one of Major Nathaniel Grey’s best friends is seriously hurt and begins to ask for his sister. Grey promises to bring her to him no matter what but when Grey arrives at her home she’s not in the friendliest of moods and she’s not the skinny little girl affectionately known as “Brat” anymore. Instead Grey finds that Emily is a grown woman and while she might have once been thrilled by the prospect of spending time with him, her childhood crush, now all she is to be left alone with her secrets.

From the moment they met up again I just knew that Grey and Emily’s romance was a romance that was worth reading and savoring. With each page I grew more and more convinced that Along Came a Rogue was going to be one of those rare books that made me fall madly, deeply in love with the beginning, middle and happy end of Grey and Emily’s romance. I fell in love with the love story. If that makes sense. There was such a connection between the two characters that went far beyond the physical and it just worked so well for these characters. Anna Harrington knew just how to portray both personalities in a way that left no doubt that Grey and Emily were meant to be together. I’ve rarely ever been this enamored with a couple! And Grey made the word “brat” seem like the tenderest of endearments.

Each scene flowed so nicely into the next that it made my reading experience smooth and uninterrupted but it was what was happening in each scene that held my attention. There was never a dull moment in this book whether it was Grey and Emily’s growing romance or the suspense of why Emily felt she had to carry a musket on the day she was reunited with Grey.

I obviously missed the first book in the series but I didn’t have any trouble following along with this story and while the previous book’s couple, Edward and Kate Westover, the Duke and Duchess of Strathmore do appear in this book, there isn’t anything that would spoil me from reading their story. Then there was Emily’s brother, Thomas who had such a strong, loving bond with his sister that it added to my already enjoyable experience.

Final Verdict: Along Came a Rogue is a beautifully written romance with an underdog hero and a determined heroine that you can’t help but fall in love with. I can’t say enough good things about this book. Definitely a “Best Read” pick. The first one this year actually.

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