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Friday, February 26, 2016

Favorite Character Friday: Nathaniel Grey!

Favorite Character Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Adria's Romance Reviews that gives readers a chance to celebrate their favorite characters!

Why a weekly meme? Because really, with millions of books out there and more coming out every week, characters are like potato chips, you can't have just one.

How it works: Every week you pick one of your favorite characters and tell every one who it is, what book they're from and WHY they're one of your favorite characters. Be sure to include the blurb and book cover as well! Share the love and maybe someone will read that same book and see why that character is one of your favorites! Unlike the Book Boyfriend meme (which was a great meme), your Favorite Character Fridays choice can be male or female!

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Favorite Character: Nathaniel Grey

Book Title & Author: Along Came a Rogue by Anna Harrington

Why is this character your favorite (Feel free to include a favorite quote or scene)? I just can’t let go of this book and its characters! Nathaniel Grey has to be one of the most swoon worthy heroes I’ve come across in a long time. Who doesn’t love a hero who has had to claw his way up from nothing but still manages to be a good man, loyal to his friends and brave to boot? Grey was just itching to be loved. And he says just the right things at just the right times!

      “Are you all right?” he asked in a quiet voice, one surprisingly soft and intimate even as his eyes remained fixed straight ahead on Hedley and Dalton as they worked the harness. “You looked a bit uneasy when you approached.”

      “I didn’t know what to think.” She gently accused, her own voice helplessly overflowing with emotion, “You left in the middle of the night.”

     His shoulders sagged almost imperceptibly, but she noticed. Lord help her, she noticed everything about this man. “I had no choice.”

      “You didn’t have to sleep on a bench with Hedley.” Knowing how well he could read her, she didn’t bother trying to hide the hurt she’d felt when she woke to find him gone. Or her confusion now to know that he’d chosen a hard bench over her bed. “You could have stayed with me.”

      “No,” he corrected in a rueful murmur, “I won’t risk your reputation.”

      “I don’t care—”

      “I do,” he answered firmly.

     Then she felt his fingers brush hers as her hand rested against the folds of her skirt, and her breath hitched. Just as suddenly as his hand had touched hers, he shifted away before anyone could see. At the loss of his warmth, she bunched her skirt into her hand, twisting the material around her fingers.

     He hesitated, his eyes still staring straight ahead as if he was afraid to look at her. “I’ve never spent the entire night in a woman’s bed. I’ve never wanted to stay around long enough afterward to actually sleep with her. But with you,” he admitted tenderly, “for once I wanted to stay.”

     Her throat knotted, yet she didn’t dare let herself hope that he might care about her beyond friendship. “Did you truly?”

      “Yes.” His brows raised slightly as if the answer surprised him as well. “Apparently, brat, you bring out all kinds of new desires in me.”

Book Cover/Blurb:

Major Nathaniel Grey is free to bed whomever he wants, whenever he chooses, and that's exactly how he likes it. His only loyalties are to country and the two friends he served with-brothers he'd do anything for. So when one of them is gravely injured and asking for his little sister, Grey will move heaven and earth to bring her home. He's greeted not by the gangly girl he remembers, but a stunningly beautiful woman holding a loaded musket. And he's utterly captivated by her . . .

Once upon a time, Emily would have loved nothing more than a stolen hour with her brother's best friend, the dashing officer who captured her heart and soul. But things are different now-and so is she. Gone is the eager young woman who believed in love. In her place is a widow weighed down with secrets who desperately needs to disappear before they're revealed. But Grey's sinfully sexy smile offers protection unlike anything she's ever known, tempting her to risk everything . . . even her heart.

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