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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Review: A Game of Persuasion by Emma Locke

Now this is new, an extended prologue to a book in a series. Not a novella, an extended prologue.

Format: .mobi (A copy of this book was provided by the author for the purpose of an honest review. )
Publisher: Intrepid Reads
Release Date: July 20, 2015

Publisher's Note: This story is continued in the full-length novel The Art of Ruining a Rake, and is intended as bonus content or as an introduction to The Naughty Girls Series.

Miss Lucy Lancester has loved her brother’s best friend, Roman Alexander, for as long as she can remember. So devotedly, she’s vowed never to marry anyone else. But her beloved libertine is hardly aware of her existence, and not the least deserving of her affection. Deciding her cause is lost, she makes plans to open a girls’ school in Bath.

There’s just one thing she needs to do before she confirms her spinsterhood forever: spend one blissful night in Roman’s arms. But her handsome rogue isn’t ready to have the tables turned. It will take more than a coquettish smile to turn his head. She must play a game…of persuasion.

So basically the story goes: Roman is Lucy’s brother’s best friend and a notorious rake but Lucy has been in love with Roman since she was 15 but at the same time she herself acknowledges that he isn’t worth her love. Still, she wishes Roman would do more than just politely see through her so she develops a plan that would give her what she wants before she becomes a spinster and opens up her girls’ school: One night with Roman.

I really think more authors should adopt this particular trend: Extended Prologues. It would allow for more of a story set up without dragging down an entire book. It’s kind of like a novella but with a particular goal. For authors whose books tend to lean more towards the detailed and lengthy side, I would love to see these extended prologues.

A Game of Persuasion basically shows readers what happened between Roman and Lucy that lead to him pursuing her in The Art of Ruining a Rake. For me, this extended prologue allowed me to really get a feel of Roman and Lucy’s history (which wasn’t much, she’s his best friend’s sister) but more importantly, Lucy’s long standing love for Roman.

I wanted to know if Lucy was a sensible character or was she painting Roman as some Prince Charming and casting herself as “The One” who would tame him. Surprisingly, while Lucy was painfully na├»ve in some areas like the reality of what her situation would be if she succeeded in her plan to seduce Roman, she was remarkably clear minded about just who Roman was. She knew he didn’t have much to recommend him except a pretty face and she harbored no illusions about a happy ending with him as her husband. This was what intrigued me about Lucy. She knew what Roman was but yet she was still hopelessly in love with him. What was it about this seemingly useless male that had her so enamored?

A Game of Persuasion didn’t answer that question but I didn’t expect it to. This is, after all only an extended prologue and it did what I had hoped it would and that was introduce me to this pair who had known each other for such a long time yet didn’t know each other as individuals. It left some interesting questions that I will take with me into Roman and Lucy’s official story. Emma Locke set out to whet the appetite and accomplished that.

Final Verdict: An extended prologue is a great idea for authors who write on the detailed, lengthy side but also for authors who want to give their readers something to chew on while they diligently work on the full length novel. If this is your first time reading an extended prologue be advised, it is a PROLOGUE which means that it isn’t going to have a conclusion. There IS a cliffhanger. Take it for what it the publisher says it is, bonus content or an introduction to the series.

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