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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Review: Taming the Legend by Kat Latham

Whew, this one was more emotional than previous books in the series!

Format: .mobi (A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review. )
Publisher: Carina Press
Release Date: May 11, 2015

When retiring rugby star Ash Trenton considered his next career move, coaching troubled teens at his ex-girlfriend’s California camp wasn’t on the list. But when Camila Morales reappears after eighteen years, begging for his help, he can’t say no to his first and only love.

Camila was just sixteen when Ash moved on to start his rugby career, leaving her heartbroken…and on her own to make a life-changing decision. Now she needs his help to win a tournament prize and save her camp. Relying on Ash is the last thing she wants. But while it’s hard to get over being dumped for a sport, it’s even harder to ignore the rush of attraction that has only gotten stronger after so many years apart.

Coaching teens is the hardest job Ash has ever had, and the task becomes personal when he begins to fall for Camila all over again. But when he is offered his dream job, will he choose the job—or the woman whose heart he already sacrificed once?

Taming the Legend may seem like a second chance love story but to me it was more of a friends to lovers story since at 16 Camila’s “love” for Ash and vice versa was more of a sweet but very deep crush instead of a red hot love affair between adults. Still, Ash did break Camila’s heart when he chose sports over her.

The main thing I liked about Ash and Camila’s romance was that with so much time that had passed (about 18 years) it was like they had to get to know each other all over again and as adults with so much life experience, it made things interesting. Even though the book doesn’t delve too much into the time between when Camila was 16 and the present Kat Latham did a good job showing how much Camila and Ash changed and matured. That maturity and uneasiness between them presented their own obstacles when it came to the romance and those obstacles rang true for the most part. I could totally see a relationship between two people like Ash and Camila hitting those bumps and causing problems.

It might have been easy to blame Ash for choosing his career over a young, uncertain love with Camila but I understood him and respected this character for thinking of his future and while his reasons for choosing rugby. There was a small, selfish part of Camila that wanted Ash to give up something so important to him but in her defense, she had about 18 years to reflect on that time with Ash and I thought that by the time she and Ash were back to talking and being honest with each other, Camila had a more adult outlook on that time. Like I said, Taming the Legend was really heavy on the growth of both characters and in the case of these two characters it was necessary.

I did think that Ash and Camila’s romance moved very slow though the timeline isn’t that long. It had heated moments but because of some miscommunication on both their parts, there was a huge trust obstacle that they needed to get over and Kat Latham took the time to build the trust and the communication skills between them before moving their relationship to the next level.

Along the way there were some really heartwarming scenes with Ash, Camila and the teenaged team he’s agreed to coach. Secondary characters are everyone in this one but none of them take over the story that is strictly Ash and Camila’s.

Final Verdict: Out of all the books in the series Taming the Legend is the most emotional in my opinion. Even if you don’t know a thing about Rugby (I sure don’t), there’s a nifty “guide” provided by Latham in each book which I am totally grateful for.

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