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Sunday, November 29, 2015

What We Watched: November 23, 2015

Short post this week folks as Blindspot was the only show on.

*** Just a warning though. Given that these are not reviews but commentaries on each show, expect SPOILERS.

My thoughts for the week of: November 23, 2015

Photo by NBCUniversal/NBCUniversal
© 2015 NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Show: Blindspot
Episode Title: Evil Handmade Instrument
Cast: Jaimie Alexander (Jane Doe/Taylor Shaw), Sullivan Stapleton (Kurt Weller), Marianne Jean-Baptiste (Bethany Mayfair), Rob Brown (Edgar Reed), Audrey Esparza (Tasha Zapata), Ashley Johnson (Patterson), Ukweli Roach (Dr. Borden)
Channel and Time: Mondays at 10/9c (After The Voice) on NBC
Episode Summary: A group of sleeper spies becomes active, the team pursues them in order to stop a spate of assassinations.

My Thoughts: As far as fall finales go, this one was a bit predictable but still watch worthy tv.

What I was most surprised about was the fact that catching David’s killer seemed to have taken a back seat to the sleeper spies plot. I would have thought that David’s murder would have driven the whole episode and that while tracking the murderer down the team would have discovered the sleeper spies as a cliff hanger. Instead, David’s death and Patterson’s pain seemed to have been pushed to the side. To me that was a mistake.

All season long it’s been about Jane and Weller and we’ve gotten to know them pretty well, it’s the rest of the team that still remain strangers and this was a perfect opportunity to show Patterson as more than just a workaholic. She could have the entire episode to let viewers in, to let them see her more raw, vulnerable and human. Heck, we’re still calling her Patterson instead of… I don’t even know her first name! Instead we know even less about her now than before and she came off as emotionally dead with barely a hint of anything remotely resembling feelings. I know she admitted she felt numb and she did cry for the loss of David but other than that, nothing. No insight to what makes her tick, what makes her put her job before anything else, not even a clue into who she is as a woman.

What is becoming a bit tiresome is that the team can’t seem to catch their villain ALIVE. They all tend to die before being apprehended or shortly after. Either the villains are incompetent at staying alive or the team is incompetent at catching them alive. After discovering that David’s killer is one of the sleeper spies and tracking her down, Jane engages in a fight with her and guess what? She DIES leaving more questions than answers, especially for Patterson. What the hell man? It’s called closure!

I will say that I love the fight scenes in this show. They’re not precise; they don’t portray Jane as invincible because she isn’t. She delivers hits and she gets hit but never does Jane look like this unbeatable fighter. She’s shown as a formidable fighter which gives those scenes a more realistic feel.

With the hunt for David’s killer now over and the bonus of having stopped a small group of sleeper spies, the team starts to go their separate ways, all of them thinking of the lesson Patterson has learned that “Tomorrow isn’t a guarantee, make today count.” Jane takes it a step further, ditching her protection detail to find Weller and plant a big one on him. From the beginning of the season, the attraction between them was there and we’ve been watching them get closer and closer. It’s no surprise that there was a kiss this early in the show because it’s clear Weller and Jane are not going to start shacking up, at least not without problems. So Weller and Jane are kissing, clearly it’s getting a bit hot and heavy and CUE THE KID INTERUPPTING! Weller’s nephew kills the moment and the two part ways, agreeing to see and probably talk about the kiss in the morning.

However, in true Blindspot fashion, the moment of happy is ruined when Jane is ambushed by a group of men and taken to a mystery location.

No surprise, when her hood is removed, Carter the Slimeball is standing over her. He begins to question Jane about who she is, who sent her and what she knows about him. When she answers that she doesn’t know, he covers her face and pours water all over her, a method of torture I suppose. After a few more questions, a memory is triggered; Jane is walking by Carter and overhears the word “Orion.” Stupidly she says the word out loud and basically ensures that Carter will never let her leave alive. He picks up a drill, ready to move onto physically torturing Jane when there’s a commotion and gunshots outside the door. Before Carter knows what hit him, he’s shot several times. At this point I thought it was Weller or one of the team but no, it turns out to be the man from Jane’s dream, the one with the tree tattoo on his arm.

*cue dramatic music*

Jane clearly sees the tattoo and demands to know who he is. Mystery Guy pulls out his phone to play a video and it’s a doozy of a video. It’s Jane herself, albeit with long hair and in the video she says that if she is watching the video then she needs to trust the man who is showing it to her. Among the revelations Jane finds out that Mystery Guy is following HER orders and that it was Jane herself who chose to have the tattoos done on her body and her memories erased. In fact, it’s all part of a bigger plan that JANE came up with. And that’s where our fall finale of Blindspot ends.

The rotten thing about it is that the show doesn’t come back until FEBRUARY. That’s just mean folks. Really mean because they showed a preview of the next episode and Jane is asking the biggest question: Is she Taylor Shaw?

With Mystery Guy (Now with a name, Oscar) in the picture now, and apparently the FBI into something that may or may not be good, how will this affect Jane’s relationship with Weller and the rest of the team?

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