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Friday, November 27, 2015

Blog Tour: Sinful by Jennifer Dawson (Review + Giveaway)

Don’t you just love it when a book takes you by surprise in a good way? I know I do! Before we get to the good stuff for Sinful I just want to let you know that the first book in this series, Crave is on sale for $1.99 until November 30, 2015 so snag it while you can!

About Jennifer:
Jennifer Dawson grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and graduated from DePaul University with a degree in psychology. She met her husband at the public library while they were studying. To this day she still maintains she was NOT checking him out. Now, over twenty years later they’re married living in a suburb right outside of Chicago with two awesome kids and a crazy dog.

Despite going through a light FM, poem writing phase in high school, Jennifer never grew up wanting to be a writer (she had more practical aspirations of being an international super spy). Then one day, suffering from boredom and disgruntled with a book she’d been reading, she decided to put pen to paper. The rest, as they say, is history.

These days Jennifer can be found sitting behind her computer writing her next novel, chasing after her kids, keeping an ever watchful eye on her ever growing to-do list, and NOT checking out her husband.

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Format: .mobi (A copy of this book was provided by the author for the purpose of an honest review. )
Publisher: Jennifer Dawson Publishing
Release Date: November 17, 2015

I’ve wanted my brother’s best friend, Leo Santoro, for too many years to count.
No matter what I do, he won’t confront the attraction that burns between us.
It’s time to put him behind me once and for all.
I have no choice but to call his bluff.
And then I will walk away.

The last woman I should want is my best friend’s baby sister, Jillian Banks.
No matter what I do, she won’t ignore the attraction that burns between us.
It’s time she learns the real me.
The only promise I can make is that her fantasies are no match for reality.
And then I’ll watch her walk away.

There’s a well known rule among guys: No sleeping with your best friend’s sister. Ever. Especially if she’s the baby sister of your best friend, and Leo Santoro is nothing if not a good friend. Even if it’s been slowly killing him for years. Jillian Banks, the object of Leo’s lust isn’t so disciplined. She’s determined to not only confront Leo about the undeniable attraction between them, but act on it. This is his last chance to see her as a woman instead of little Jillian Banks, the sister of his best friend. If Leo doesn’t take this chance, she’s resolved to walk away from him forever.

You’ve got to love a woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t wait for a man to make the first move. Jillian was just fed up with wanting Leo who clearly wanted her right back yet he wouldn’t act on it. Sure, he’s best friends with her brother Michael and a dominant but this woman didn’t let those two minor details keep her from what she wanted. Within the first few pages of looking through Jillian’s eyes and then seeing her through Leo’s I learned that she was stubborn, intelligent and tough enough to take on a man like Leo. I liked her though at times she was a bit theatrical when she became frustrated or upset. She wasn’t Suzie Sunshine to Leo’s Dark and Dreary, she had her own emotional hang-ups too and it was interesting to see her work through those hang ups while she was falling harder and harder for Leo.

Leo was a little harder to get a read on. He was clearly shaped by a tragic event in his life and that made the already emotionally closed off man a virtual fortress. I felt for him though, once his past was made clear I couldn’t help but hurt for this man who endured something horrible but made it his life’s work to make sure it wouldn’t happen again on his watch. Yet at the same time, it scarred him in his private life and made him think he would never be able to change, not even for someone like Jillian who brought so much life into his world. Even at his darkest, there was still something worth saving and definitely worth loving about this man.

Jennifer Dawson really outdid herself with these two characters who seem like polar opposites at first glance but who have more in common than they think. They brought out the good and helped each other grow. Yes, this is a BDSM romance, no I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan of that element but because Sinful took the time to get me fully invested in the characters’ lives and emotions, I didn’t dwell on the BDSM part of the story. Is it hot? Hot doesn’t even begin to describe the level of physical chemistry Leo and Jillian have between them.

However, what made Sinful a better read to me than its predecessor was the amount of time the author spent on who Leo and Jillian were outside of bed and that right there was why I couldn’t put this book down. I wanted, no I needed these two characters to be okay and together by the end of the book. Leo and Jillian were strong characters on their own but together they were a team, a true couple who were equal to one another where it mattered most and that is the best thing ever when it comes to a romantic duo.

Final Verdict: Jennifer Dawson had me overlooking my dislike of dual POVs and BDSM romance with Sinful. Leo and Jillian were just too good to pass up and I am so glad I took a chance on this book and that it turned out to be better than I expected.

After my liquid courage, I leave Gwen to her prey. The guy is cute, charming, and affable. Poor thing. Gwen ate men like him for breakfast, but that was his problem, I had bigger problems to contend with, namely my increasing nerves.

I’d already planned out what I was going to do, but my plans with Leo always go awry and, despite my shots and half a drink, I figure this time wouldn’t be any different.

Regardless of how I want it to be.

But I can’t focus on that. I must focus on closure.

The first order of business is to actually catch his attention and since he stood near the bathrooms, that shouldn’t be too hard. I put an extra sway in my step, tossing my hair over my shoulder. With purpose, I walk toward my goal.

The crowd parts like I’m parting the Red Sea, confirming I look plenty delectable, but as I make my way through the room, my confidence flags. I’ve looked good before, but I was never able to sway him, was I fooling myself that this time would be any different?

I take a deep breath and slowly exhale.

It didn’t matter what he did, I was going to do things differently and let the chips fall where they may. I’ve got it all mapped out. I’m not going to hint, bat my lashes, or attempt any other such nonsense.

No, I’m going to flat out tell him my plans.

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