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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Throwback Thursday Review: Three Fates by Nora Roberts

You gotta love Nora Roberts. She’s one of the greatest romance authors ever and she was the first author I read and fell in love with so it’s been great going through my local library and reliving the books I read so many years ago.

Format: .mobi (Library Check Out )
Publisher: Jove
Release Date: March 25, 2003

When the Lusitania sank, one survivor became a changed man, giving up his life as a petty thief—but keeping the small silver statue he lifted, a family heirloom to future generations.

Now, nearly a century later, that priceless heirloom, one of a long-separated set of three, has been stolen. And Malachi, Gideon, and Rebecca Sullivan are determined to recover their great-great-grandfather’s treasure, reunite the Three Fates, and make their fortune.

The quest will take them from their home in Ireland to Helsinki, Prague, and New York where they will meet a brilliant scholar who will aid them in their hunt—and an ambitious woman who will stop at nothing to acquire the Fates...

After the Lusitania sank, one of the survivors gave up a life of petty theft to become an honest man. Of course, he kept a small silver statue that he lifted from one of the unfortunate passengers aboard the ship. The statue was to become a family heirloom to pass down from generation to generation.

Almost a century later, the statue has become priceless, one of a set of three and it has been stolen. Now siblings Malachi, Gideon and Rebecca Sullivan are determined to recover their heirloom along with the other two statues in order to make a fortune. Along the way they find a shy but brilliant scholar, a down on her luck stripper and a mysterious security expert who join the Sullivans on their quest for the statues. But what starts off as a recovery mission soon takes a turn into a deadly game between them and a dangerous woman who will do anything to acquire the statues for herself.

Three Fates is in my opinion, one of Nora Roberts’ best works. There’s so much going on in this book but I never felt overwhelmed or that it was all rushed just to get to that happy ending. The pacing in this story is great, I got to know all the main characters well enough to make them more real in my mind. There’s plenty of fast paced action and danger but the love scenes have a slower pace and allow for more development.

Aside from the rather colorful Sullivan siblings are their romantic interests: Tia Marsh the scholar, Cleo Tolliver the stripper and Jack Burdett the security expert. Only Nora Roberts could have three different romances playing out in one book and make it seem effortless. Each Sullivan is different and in turn their respective partners had to be able to take them on. Out of the three couples Malachi and Tia were my favorite. They were total opposites and I loved how Tia started off shy, uncertain and a total hypochondriac but became one of the strongest out of the entire team.

My least favorite character was Cleo though. For most of the book she was this selfish, greedy, obnoxious character who thought she knew better than everyone. It wasn’t until her cocky attitude cost her something dear that she became a more humble “team player” with a new found maturity.

Three Fates did have its clichéd and overdone moments. Of the three romances I did find Rebecca’s and Jack’s a bit of an eye rolling experience since it was an “insta-love” thing where the word “fate” was hammered into my brain constantly.

The beginning of Three Fates doesn’t give off a romantic suspense vibe but it begins to change about ¼ of the way in. Roberts really ups the ante with the antagonist, who goes from being a sly manipulator to a dangerous enemy who will do anything to get what she wants.

Final Verdict: Overall, for a book this long, Three Fates manages to keep a brisk and interesting pace. The characters are strong, supportive and for the most part, likable. Each couple is different and the relationships between all the characters have a chance to grow and strengthen. Out of all the books Nora Roberts has written (And there are TONS), this one is on my top 10 list.

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