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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Brief Interruption

Hiatus: /hīˈādəs/ noun: a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process.

I am putting the blog on a brief, semi-break. I want to focus on bringing some new stuff here, and changing things up a little. I need to find my reviewer’s voice which seems to have gotten lost somewhere between my first opinion post and when I had to change the blog’s name. So that has to be found soon. I also need a break. I’ve been doing this non-stop for three, no four years and haven’t had a chance to blog ahead like I wanted to. It’s been chaotic and with losing Cooper recently, I’ve not had the energy to be a daughter to my mom or a good blogger.

I’m still honoring my blog tour /ARC Review commitments so no worries there. I will be posting on my date (Which I think I only signed up for one tour this summer) but unless something irresistible comes along, there won’t be any new stuff til August and I’ll of course be promoting my tour stop(s) on social media. With regards to the handful of ARC reviews I am making an exception just this once and posting them on Goodreads FIRST then Amazon and later in August they’ll go up on my blog. When August rolls around it will be back to blog first THEN Goodreads and Amazon.

I’m not going totally silent though. You can catch me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and now Instagram and I’ll still be promoting authors and such, just not in the form of reviews until August. But I promise I’ll be back and with a few extra things up my sleeves! So I hope you’ll come hang out with me on the blog’s Facebook page and that you pay close attention to clues that will help you win that elusive Amazon gift card that I’ll be awarding someone in August.

In the meantime I’m going to take Anna’s recent post to heart and use it to make changes around here. Enjoy your summer every one and play safe.

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