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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday Jams: Those Collaborations

Brazen Babe Reviews have this awesome meme called Tuesday Jams where you share a song that you currently love and can't get out of your head (Or in my case, off "repeat" on my iPod). Everyone's welcome to join in, the more the merrier! Be sure to leave your link on their blog post so that others can stop by and see your selection!

So, the one other thing I love just as much as reading? Listening to music! Though the majority of my music is modern country or movie scores, I do listen to a little bit of everything and am always on the look out for more music to add to my collection (You should see my iTunes library, it's HUGE). That's why Tuesday Jams has just become one of my new favorite memes!

Can't get out of my head song(s) this week are: Country/Other Genre Collaborations

Artists talk about how music should unite people no matter the genre all the time but rarely to they back it up with actions. I'm not talking about pop stars recording with pop stars but genre crossing collaborations. I LOVE modern country music to death. I'm not talking bluegrass country cause dear Lord above that's WHY I didn't like country to begin with. I'm talking about the newbies in country mixing it up, stirring the pot and collaborating with artists that you wouldn't have imagined. I LOVE that! What better way to show unity in the music industry than by recording a country song with someone like, Nelly or Jaimie Foxx or even Shakira? There are some really amazing collaborations out there that really should be played on the radio, heck some of them weren't even released as singles!!! So here they are, just a handful of my favorite country collaborations!

Medicine (Blake Shelton and Shakira)

Out of Goodbyes (Maroon 5 and Lady Antebellum)

Over and Over Again (Tim McGraw and Nelly)

Cruise (Florida Georgia Line and Nelly) *This one is one that I LOVE to blast on my iPod.

She Goes All The Way (Rascal Flatts and Jamie Foxx) *This is one sexy song and should have ended up a single

And the audio of that because the video isn’t the greatest quality and because it’s a terribly sexy song.


  1. I haven't heard of out of goodbyes until now. I love it! Thanks for featuring it… And I love collaborations to

  2. OMG, I love Over & Over Again...that is on my spotify list. I remember when I first heard it...it was on auto repeat, lols. Nelly is such a cross over artist, I <3 him bad!

    and I'm digging Rascal Flats and Jamie Foxx. Girl! what picks this week! niiiiccceeee!!!!

  3. I love modern country as long as they're not doing a throwback to bluegrass because then I'm out and leaving skid marks and dust! Lol. A little known fact: My mother LOVES to hook her ipod up to the car and blast Nelly's rap solo on "Cruise." I can hear her coming down the dang street at the end of her work day. That's her favorite part of the song.

    I really do wish there'd be more country/r&b collaborations, they come out so dang cool.

    And Nelly should totally do more collaborations as should Jamie Foxx. He sounds so good singing country too! I saw a youtube video of Jamie at the George Strait special singing one of George's songs and DAAAAAYUM!

  4. No problem Briane. Music is second to my love of reading so I can get pretty diverse in my music.


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