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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Goddess Fish Blog Tour: One Night in Amsterdam by Jaz Hartfield (Review + Giveaway)

It seems somewhat appropriate that we have a short erotica story for Hump Day doesn't it? Do you like to read erotica? I personally do from time to time and I have to say, some of it is written pretty darn well. There's a great giveaway for this particular tour as well so don't forget to enter!

About Jaz:

Jaz Hartfield is a writer and actor who loves travelling. He’s always looking for his next thrill, having tried bungee-jumping, parachuting, white-water rafting, pot-holing and deep sea diving.

Jaz has lived in many different places; his favourite parts of the world include New Zealand, Kenya, Ireland, and the Lake District in England.
Having been on a stag weekend in Amsterdam, Jaz is unwilling to admit whether ‘One Night in Amsterdam’ has elements of the truth in it or not.

Find Jaz:
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Format: .pdf (provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review)
Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing
Release Date: October 24, 2014

Chloe organizes Jo’s hen weekend in Amsterdam, glad to get away from the usual boring or married men that she sleeps with. Perhaps she’ll meet some cool guys up for a bit of fun. If not, at least she’ll make sure her best friend gets very drunk while they all party in style.
Dean is getting married to Tamsin, but having serious doubts. His mates take him to Amsterdam for one last weekend of debauchery before settling down for the rest of his life. But is Tamsin the right woman for him?

When Chloe and Dean meet in Amsterdam’s red-light district, they are immediately attracted to each other. Dean tries to justify one last fling before marrying Tamsin. Chloe feels bad about having sex with someone else’s intended. Yet, a night of amazing sex is exactly what both of them want. So, why shouldn’t they just enjoy one night of fantastic, guilt-free sex?

Let me be 100% clear: One Night in Amsterdam is a short Erotica story and it doesn’t pretend to be anything else.

Dean is spending his last few days as a bachelor in Amsterdam with his friends on a wild bender but he doesn’t expect to meet Chloe who is organizing her friend Jo’s hen weekend. Dean and Chloe share an intense and mutual physical attraction and while Dean is about to get married, he decides to have one last fling with a woman he truly wants.

Author Jaz Hartfield can certainly spin a red hot fantasy. It may not be for every one though, especially readers who don’t, under any circumstances like cheating in their stories.

Dean, for all his flaws is surprisingly real. He’s obviously not a saint but I couldn’t quite hate him for his choices when he represents a part of all of us who make decisions then come to regret them in the morning light. Unfortunately, it’s his fiancĂ© who has to pay the price for Dean’s actions.

Chloe though, I felt for her. Without delving too deep into her personality (This is an erotica story you know, it’s not exactly going to take readers on a journey through her life and what lead her to be who she is in the present) is a disheartened woman who drowns her sorrows not in alcohol but in meaningless flings with men, married or not. While her choices, like Dean’s aren’t exactly endearing, they’re realistic.

What I can appreciate about this novella is that the author doesn’t try and pretty up who Dean and Chloe are and what they’re doing. They’re adults, they’re making bad choices, they’re enjoying each other’s bodies and they’ve each got baggage. If you can appreciate the “realness” of that, then you’ll enjoy these two characters.

One Night in Amsterdam is a short story, meant to explore one type of fantasy, one type of situation and in that it succeeds. Dean and Chloe have undeniable physical chemistry but it’s left up to the reader to draw their own conclusion as to whether their night together will turn into something permanent.

Final Verdict: Not for everyone but definitely for those who want to indulge in a fantasy or two. 

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  2. Cool beans! This sounds like a great nooner or in between read.

  3. I wish I had a better answer to this, Mai Tran. I use facebook and twitter and a blog/website. I also did a two week blog tour and am now doing this review tour. I have nothing new or original to report, I'm afraid. I'd welcome any suggestions from others.



  4. Good review and thanks for the giveaway. :)

  5. My question for the author - do you have any lucky charms nearby when you're writing? Like special socks or a particular drink.


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