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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Throwback Thursday Review: Some Like it Wild by Teresa Medeiros

Throwback Thursday Reviews on the blog is dedicated to those oldies but goodies that you just can't help but talk about, in a review of course! Shed some light on some of your older favorites and hopefully you'll get someone hooked on a new book, series and/or author! If you've got an oldie but goodie, share it with me! There's no such thing as "Too Many Books!"

Format: .epub (Borrowed from the library)
Release Date: March 20, 2009

It was to be her greatest masquerade . . .

Pamela Darby needs a man—preferably a Highland brute with more brawn than brains. Determined to save her sister from selling her virtue, the resourceful beauty requires a strapping specimen to pose as a duke's long-lost heir. Pamela plans to collect the generous reward, then send him on his way. Lucky for the brazen beauty, the seductive, silver-eyed highwayman who just held up their carriage could be her man . . .

Connor Kincaid has given up on his dream of restoring his clan's honor. And now this plucky Englishwoman is asking him to take part in a risky charade that could land them both on the gallows. Never a man to resist a challenge or the allure of a beautiful woman, Connor strikes the devil's bargain that could seal both their fates. The highwayman and the hellion journey to London as both enemies and allies—a woman who has everything to gain and a man who has nothing to lose . . . but his heart.

So, Pamela Darby needs money, power and the influence of a title in order to save her sister Sophie from having to sell herself to titled man. In order to save her sister though, Pamela also needs a man. Not just any man though, a Scottish man with more muscles than brains to pull off an elaborate con: Convince an aging duke that the man by her side is his long lost heir.

Highwayman Connor Kincaid is shocked when Pamela stops his plans to rob their carriage with a proposal to pose as a long lost nobleman in order to gain immense wealth. More shocking, Connor agrees and begins a long journey with Pamela to meet with his “father” and allow him to claim Connor as his lost son.

I’ve seen author Teresa Medeiros’ books before but it wasn’t until my library finally had one to borrow digitally that I was able to indulge my curiosity. It was the blurb to Some Like it Wild that caught my interest. I couldn’t ignore a character like Pamela who all but screamed “Read my story! You’ll love me in it!” in just the few sentences on the back of the book. She really is something else though. Crazy enough to come up with a plan to con a duke, brave enough to face an armed highwayman and convince him to go along with her scheme and passionate enough to seize what she wants from life, she’s the kind of character I love to read about, especially in historical romance. Pamela was exactly as I thought she would be, brassy, brainy and brave. She was a quick thinker and had a response for almost everything.

And Connor? Y-U-M-M-Y. I’m confessing right here and now that I do love highwaymen as heroes, especially if they’re notorious ones because the set of conflicts that occupation brings can add some spice to a romance, not to mention the anxiety of not “if” but “when” the law will catch up to them. Of course, all that depends on whether the author has the talent to make him rough around the edges but with plenty of charm and a heart of gold. Teresa Medeiros definitely has that talent. And who doesn’t love a Connor is going on my list of book boyfriends for sure.

I can’t forget the reason for the con in the first place, Sophie. Pamela’s younger sister is forced to pose as a lady’s maid. She was spoiled and whiny, just like the girl she was but when push came to shove she proved to be loyal and grateful to her sister. I actually liked her after a while.

Amid the suspense, danger and adventure is a very sweet and passionate romance. As odd as the circumstances are, they provided plenty of time for Connor and Pamela to fall in love with one another. I enjoyed their romance because they became friends of a sort before they started to fall in love. The attraction was there from the beginning but Pamela always put her sister first, which was another thing I loved about her and Connor understood that which meant bonus points for him too.

The discovery of Connor’s identity was completely predictable, I saw it coming a mile away, however, what I didn’t see was what happened AFTER the big reveal. It was a nice way to make this particular troupe a little different.

Final Verdict: Apparently Connor has a family member who's book came before Some Like it Wild. I must read that book immediately.

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  1. I blame my single status on all those historical romance heroes I met when I was a teen. They were so perfectly imperfect I got some sort of complex because of it! Lol

    Historical romance is something else. The tension is unbelievable and I love the banter and flirting between the MCs

  2. Ha ha I know what you mean! I think it's also all those "rules" in HR that just amps up the tension and I know I'm dying to get to that moment where they just can't take it anymore and clothes start flying! Lol


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