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Friday, March 27, 2015

Review: Served Hot by Annabeth Albert

So, who here is a fan of M/M romance? Can you recommend some of your favorites to me? I'm in the market for some good reads!

Format: .epub (provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review)
Publisher: Kensington
Release Date: March 3, 2015

In Portland, Oregon, the only thing hotter than the coffee shops, restaurants, and bakeries are the hard-working men who serve it up hot, fresh, and ready to go with no reservations!

Robby is a self-employed barista with a busy coffee cart, a warm smile, and a major crush on one of his customers. David is a handsome finance director who works nearby, eats lunch by himself, and expects nothing but "the usual" small vanilla latte from the cute guy in the cart. But when David shows up for his first Portland Pride festival, Robby works up the nerve to take their slow-brewing relationship to the next level. David, however, is newly out and single, still grieving the loss of his longtime lover, and unsure if he's ready to date again. Yet with every fresh latte, sweet exchange and near hook-up David and Robby go from simmering to steaming to piping hot. The question is: Will someone get burned?

Self employed barista Robby has a crush on one of his regular customers. David is not only a successful finance director; he’s handsome, kind and quiet, making it hard for Robby to work up the nerve to talk to him about more than coffee. But when David shows up at the annual Portland Pride festival, Robby takes it as a sign and gathers his courage to take their budding relationship to the next level. As things start to turn serious between the two, it’s clear that Robby has his work cut out for him if he’s going to win David over completely.

Short and sweet, this novella by author Annabeth Albert focused more on healing from past relationships and overcoming the fear of entering a new relationship. There was a balance of turmoil and romance between Robby and David, and the yearning for coffee and Portland weather on my part. I’m a cooler weather and coffee kind of girl.

I enjoyed the way that the author gave just enough background information for both characters without drowning the entire story with flashbacks or rehashes of the past. It kept the story flowing smoothly and efficiently. Though it was a little hard for me to connect to David because the story is told in Robby’s point of view which is something I’m not fond of most of the time and this was one of those times.

Served Hot had its moments where I thought there wouldn’t be a happy ending for Robby and David. They had such a rollercoaster relationship and really had to fight for their happiness. I felt the push and pull in their sometimes on, sometimes off romance and that’s part of what got me invested in their story. The one area of their relationship that I had an issue with was their juvenile way they reacted to situations. Blowing situations out of proportion, and the inability to communicate like grown men. Robby and David are closing in on their 30s yet they go through the story like helpless 16 year old boys.

Final Verdict: It wasn’t all bad though, like I said I did like the focus on healing from past traumas and moving onto new relationships. Would I read this author again? Maybe later.

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