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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Review: A SEAL's Secret by Tawny Weber

Wow, we're almost through with February! Of course, since it's a short month it goes by quickly. I hope your February is flying by. Are there any Tawny Weber fans? I've been reading this series since the second (I think) book and each one just gets sexier and sexier! So far, I haven't found my favorite hero from this series but like all bookworms, I am so willing to keep, you know, reading. It's research right?

Format: .epub (provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review)
Publisher: Harlequin Blaze
Release Date: February 1, 2015

Subject: Lt. Commander Mitch "Irish" Donovan

His Mission: Babysit a fitness queen with a hands-on approach!

Navy SEAL Mitch Donovan always plays to win. The push-up contest at the Halloween party should have been a piece of cake. Except that the cake in question is a hot woman dressed as a delicious dessert. Now the only exercise on Mitch's mind is restraint…

Livi Kane may be The Body Babe, but she has zero confidence. This hunky SEAL, however, makes her forget everything—except for a workout involving his hot, naked bod and a whole lot of sexy, sweaty delight. But Mitch has his secrets—and Livi certainly has hers. All it will take is one unexpected encounter to turn this steamy attraction into an even bigger secret that will start showing any day now…

Tawny Weber’s SEALs are in a class all their own. Driven, determined and drop dead sexy, every time I pick up one of her books, I know it’s going to be fun.

Mitch and Livi seemed like such an odd pairing to me at first. Sure, their occupations complement each other since she’s a fitness instructor but it was their personalities that seemed like an odd choice. Mitch is obviously more of a go getter, confident bordering on arrogant (Don’t you just love those guys? Makes it a lot more interesting when they get knocked off their high horse), structure and order are part of his daily diet. Meanwhile Livi is a modern day wallflower, she plays the role of confident, sexy fitness queen in order to put food on her table but really she’d rather go unnoticed most of the time.

I thought Mitch would steamroller over Livi to be honest but she quickly found her footing where he was concerned. She called a spade a spade and in Mitch’s case, she called a jerk, a jerk. Livi’s one of those characters that fools a reader into thinking she’s nothing more than eye candy for the hero but then comes out swinging like a fighter. Her occupation was different than what I had expected but it was the way she handled it and the way she became a totally different person when she was working that had me loving her.

Of course, I can’t talk about A SEAL’s Secret without mentioning the steamy scenes between Mitch and Livi. As shy as Livi was in the beginning of the book, she knew how to take the bull by the horns, so to speak. A female character who can be both shy and bold at different moments can provide some interesting moments as well as keep from becoming dull. As a character, I’d say she grew up more towards the end. Not that she was immature but rather a bit inexperienced and na├»ve in a way. She did make my day at the very beginning of the book, at a Halloween party though. Her costume was so not what I would have expected of a woman who looked like Livi. I was giggling so much I woke up my dog.

My only complaint about A SEAL’s Secret is the way Mitch and Livi’s relationship was mended. I don’t particularly care for that theme in romance because as a reader, I feel like that takes away from the genuine feelings that two characters have for each other and that it may be the only reason that they’re together at the end. Other than that though, I really liked this book.

Final Verdict: Please ma'am, may I have some more?

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  1. I loved this one! The whole series has pulled me in. Every time I see a new one, I'm jumping on it. :)

  2. I'm still kind of new to this series, I think this is only my third one that I've read but so far I'm liking the way it's going.

  3. I do love a heroine line that that surprises me and is way more than she seems on the surface.


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