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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Review: Chasing Desire by Joya Ryan

Good morning everyone! So, who here has read Joya Ryan before? This is my first book by her and wow, did I have fun with this one! Time to add the first and second book to my wishlist!

Format: .epub (provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review)
Publisher: Entangled - Brazen
Release Date: February 16, 2015

When the chase ends, the fun begins…

It's her best friend's wedding, and Autumn Lane is trussed up in a pink bridesmaid dress with a big “everything is great” smile plastered across her face. She's not going think about her life imploding, or spending the next two weeks housesitting in the ridiculously small town of Diamond. No, she'd rather think about the tattooed hottie in the wedding party...and how to turn the wicked way he’s looking at her into a night of intense pleasure.

Huck Galvin is fiercely attracted to his mystery woman's no-BS attitude, but their one-night-no-strings plan backfires when Huck discovers that Autumn is the out-of-towner he's “chaperoning” for the next two weeks. Outside the bedroom, the two can’t stand each other, yet Huck can’t deny how much he wants one more night with her. But Autumn isn't going to make it easy for Huck. Not by a long shot...

I’m really racking up the new-to-me-author points this year and it’s barely February!

In town for her best friend’s wedding, mechanic Autumn Lane is at a crossroads in her life. Out of work and with no place to call home, she’s spending the next two weeks house-sitting and hopefully working on what she wants to do next. Right after she has a one night stand with sexy, tattooed stranger Huck Galvin… Who turns out to be a groomsman in the same wedding AND her “chaperone” around the small town of Diamond.

Taking two down and out on love strangers and throwing them together shouldn’t have been as fun as it was but I just couldn’t resist falling in love with both Huck and Autumn! Don’t let her feminine name fool you though, Autumn can think like a man when she needs to! I loved how she didn’t have trouble telling Huck what she wanted, when she wanted it. She wasn’t a fluttery mess around him, she was ballsy, blunt and did I mention a mechanic? Yep, Autumn Lane is that almost perfect mix of professional confidence and personal insecurity, making her well balanced and just right for her masculine counterpart.

Speaking of, that Huck was a tall drink of water I tell you. Tattooed, pierced and just confident enough to be irresistible, he was also kind, generous and a natural care giver. He might have said he didn’t want to get “involved” with Autumn but he was involved from the moment he met her. I don’t think he even knew that he was looking out for her and neither did she. Their romance was a big surprise to them both, sneaking up on them when they least expected it. But before they fell in love, they argued and generally couldn’t get along with each other out of bed, in short, they were a hoot! They seemed to set off a whole new level of snarky sexual tension in each other that alternated between silly, humorous and just plain out hot.

Not only was Chasing Desire fun and flirty, it was funny. Huck and Autumn didn’t really know what to do with each other outside of the bedroom so they fell back on arguing and which created such a thick cloud of sexual tension between the two. They just had to learn how to work through their issues without relying on sex to temporarily quiet them. They both had a lot of emotional baggage to deal with and while they weren’t extremely heavy issues, they did provide the conflict for the story. All in all, author Joya Ryan delivered a fast, fun romp that lived up to my expectations of Brazen’s Entangled line.

Final Verdict: Budget willing, books one and two will be on "Throwback Thursday Reviews" sometime this year.

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  1. Yay for new to you authors :D I've been hearing a lot of good about this one. Got it on my tbr pile for one day. Sounds so yummy!

  2. Oh it is! On top of that it's just fun! Joya Ryan really created some great chemistry.

  3. I would want to know which parts of his body are tattooed and pierced.... nuninuninu

  4. Yes, thorough research is something we should all aspire too. Especially in this case where tattoos are "Lick Here" signs.


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