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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Review: Betting on Fate by Katee Robert

Hang on to your knickers folks, this is a BDSM romance review. Yeah, you read that right. I read and am reviewing a BDSM romance. You'll have to read on to find out why I read it. It's not as interesting as you'd think. Are there any Katee Robert fans here?

Format: .epub (provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review)
Entangled: Brazen
Release Date:
January 5, 2015

This time, all bets are off...

Penelope Carson loves to steal clients from Will Reaver. Yet something in her business nemesis's icy blue eyes makes Penelope...nervous. It certainly doesn't help that the man is the living embodiment of a Norse god. A controlled, powerful Norse god. Which she really should have remembered before she made a bet with him—because losing means becoming Will's personal submissive for a week.

There's nothing Will would like more than to have Penelope kneeling before him in complicit submission, her fiery dark eyes inviting him in. Challenging him. But their bet takes Will and Penelope deeper than either of them have ever been. Where control is an illusion, and boundaries are pushed aside. And where hearts become the stakes in a game that neither Dominant nor submissive can win...

Yeah, bad me, I didn't realize this was a BDSM romance until I actually had the book in my e-reader. It isn't a sub-genre I enjoy. However...

Author Katee Robert did construct an actual story with characters that I did care about in the end.

Professionally, Will Reaver and Penelope Carson are rivals. Penelope loves to steal clients from under Will’s nose with an easy confidence that has made her successful as a business consultant. Personally though he makes her nervous in a good way but that doesn’t mean she had any idea what would happen between them if she lost the bet they made. She’ll have to be his submissive for a week.

Surprisingly the BDSM element in Betting on Fate wasn’t as overwhelming as I thought it would be so that left the main focus on Will and Penelope’s emotional relationship. While Penelope was easy to get to know, and quite transparent with her feelings, Will was the opposite. I just couldn’t get a read on him, especially regarding his feelings towards Penelope. At the end I was left with never being certain he did fall in love with her. Maybe he’s not a demonstrative guy but if that was the case, it didn’t help me connect with him at all. I thought Penelope was a pretty special lady and Will should have been more affectionate towards her. He had no problem showing her he wanted her sexually but what about outside of that?

There’s no shortage of sexually intense moments and hot sex scenes in this story either. Will and Penelope definitely have chemistry and it’s the “sort of hate you but still want you” kind. Their intense scenes were both sensual and erotic but at the same time it was clear that there’s a battle of wills going on. While Penelope agrees to be Will’s submissive for a week, she’s not submissive in every aspect of her life and that shows. I was surprised at how much power she had in her personal relationship with Will which in my experience with BDSM hasn’t always been the case. Penelope is a strong woman in and out of the bedroom and I have to applaud Katee Robert for creating her that way and for showcasing her strength and independence even in the middle of her love scenes with Will.

Final Verdict: My bad for not realizing Betting on Fate was a BDSM romance before reading it but it is a good story. Penelope was a pretty neat heroine and the first in a BDSM that I actually liked. I didn’t really warm up to Will and I thought he should have been a bit more demonstrative in his emotions outside of the bedroom but still, he and Penelope made a good team.

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  1. I so want to read this one. I saw it was a BDSM before and was kind of surprised entangled was going there and not just brushing by like a couple of others. Hopefully one day I'll get that free reading time :D

  2. What is this free reading time you speak of? Lol, I know what you mean, I have a bunch of books sitting on my e-reader that I've bought because I read a previous book that I liked so much but I haven't had time to read them yet! I'm taking another blogging break in the summer so hopefully I'll get to it then.


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