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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Review: One Night of Trouble by Elle Kennedy (Review + Giveaway)

Ah, it feels good to be back to blogging full time again! I hope everyone is ready for a giveaway today because I’m sharing my thoughts on Elle Kennedy’s latest book, One Night of Trouble as part of this month’s celebration of said author.

Have you read Elle Kennedy?

About Elle Kennedy:
A USA Today bestselling author, Elle Kennedy grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, and holds a BA in English from York University. From an early age, she knew she wanted to be a writer and actively began pursuing that dream when she was a teenager. She loves strong heroines and sexy alpha heroes, and just enough heat and danger to keep things interesting!

Elle loves to hear from her readers. Visit her website www.ellekennedy.com or sign up for her newsletter to receive updates about upcoming books and exclusive excerpts. You can also find her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter (@ElleKennedy).

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Format: .epub (provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review)
Publisher: Entangled: Brazen
Release Date: January 5, 2015

No More Mr. Nice Guy...

The moment AJ Walsh sees the sexy, tattooed pixie walk up to his bar, it's lust at first sight. He's always been labeled the "nice" guy―opening doors, buying flowers, and never, ever having one-night stands. But with this wicked little angel with red lips and unfathomably dark eyes? Oh, yeah. Tonight, "nice" has nothing to do with it...

Brett Conlon is trying to convince her family that she's put away her reckless wild girl side for good. Nothing―and no one―could be better for her reputation than golden boy AJ Walsh. So they make a deal: if he plays The Good Boyfriend for her family, he can be a very, very bad boy with her. Now their one naughty night is about to turn into a whole lot of trouble...

If I could, I would be wolf whistling at the three men that began the After Hours series: Gage, Reed and AJ. Hot dayum (emphasis on the “yum”) but those men just ooze testosterone. Gage and Reed have already had their chance in the spotlight and found love when they least expected it. Now it’s good guy AJ Walsh’s turn… But is he really the good guy everyone thinks he is?

Despite what AJ might think, he is a good guy. He’s solid, dependable and loyal to his loved ones. He’s selfless and caring. I thought it was interesting that author Elle Kennedy would give such a physically strong character like him some identity issues. He’s confident in his business but in his personal life he feels a bit lost, having let others dictate what kind of man he is for years, AJ also felt that choking need to just be himself. The less than perfect man with an appetite for a little less vanilla sex.

One Night of Trouble certainly kept up the heat factor with AJ and Brett but for me it sometimes felt a little forced. Up until now, AJ had been known as “The Good Guy” when in reality it was all an act brought on by guilt and it just didn’t ring true. He was supposed to have this hidden bad boy inside but when it came down to the bedroom that’s when I felt AJ was playing a role. It didn’t feel like it came natural to him.

I also felt that he and Brett were a little too similar to really be of any help to one another. They had the same weaknesses and almost the same reasons why they pretended to be someone they weren’t. I don’t deny that they made a good couple but I think they could have been a stronger couple had they been a little less similar.

What I really loved about One Night of Trouble though was how much AJ grew as a character. He really did appear to be the “nice” one out of the three friends, the one who always followed the rules and when compared to Gage and Reed, AJ came out looking like a Boy Scout. His growth from his appearance in One Night of Sin to One Night of Trouble was significant and I felt that he really had a strong sense of who he was by the end of the book.

One Night of Trouble closes up the trio of bad boy club owners’ stories quite nicely. AJ wasn’t who I initially pegged him to be, he was more. I loved his back story, it gave me a better understanding of who he was and who he became.

Final Verdict: While not my favorite of the series, it definitely has its moments of “wow” and “RAWR.” AJ is probably the most complicated of the three guys but that just made his story an interesting one.

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