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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Review: Hollywood on Tap by Avery Flynn

Format: .epub (provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review)
Publisher: Avery Flynn
Release Date: November 3, 2014

For years, Sean O’Dell has hidden his past as a Hollywood heartthrob from everyone at the Sweet Salvation Brewery. However, the arrival of nosey efficiency expert Natalie Sweet threatens the status quo. It doesn’t help that with her glasses, buttoned-up sweaters and always pulled-back hair that she’s uncovered one secret already: His attraction for hot librarian types.

Natalie has had enough of the strong-and-silent Sean submarining her efforts to change the brewery for the better. She’s ready to do whatever it takes to make her vision a reality, even if that means taking down the pig-headed and too-hot-for-his-own-good brewmaster.

Sizzling attraction battles stubborn determination as Natalie and Sean go head to head in a battle that’s anything but business as usual.

In the second book of the Sweet Salvation Brewery series, author Avery Flynn brings a little romance to brew master Sean O’Dell and Natalie Sweet’s lives.

Convinced that the family brewery could still use some fixing up, Natalie Sweet takes her ideas to brew master Sean O’Dell and tries to convince him that she’s right; only to have him refuse to implement the changes she’s sure will make Sweet Salvation Brewery much more successful. To add insult to injury, Sean avoids her like the plague, but when a series of incidents begin to occur at the brewery, the two have no choice but to work together in order to figure out who is behind them and why.

Hollywood on Tap gave me a few giggle fits in the beginning. I just couldn’t believe the lengths Sean would go to just to avoid Natalie. Even going so far as to have the staff at the brewery arrange the malt filled bags out of alphabetical order to slow her down in her pursuit of him. They way he describes her as a micromanaging menace really set the mood for the first half of the book. These two did not get along at all and that created some pretty heated moments between them.

At only about 207 pages, Hollywood on Tap isn’t as long as you would think yet it packed in a lot of mystery, sexual chemistry and charm into it. Small town romances don’t normally appeal to me and the small town of Salvation was a borderline exception. However, Sean and Natalie had such big personalities and their story was always the main focus that the town residents didn’t get too much page time.

The snarky back and forth between Sean and Natalie had me smiling and reading until the very end. The plotline was neither too heavy nor too fluffy, it had just enough secrets to keep it interesting but it didn’t add on to the drama with Sean and Natalie’s budding relationship. Author Avery Flynn crafted a flirty romance with an element of mystery that should not be missed by contemporary romance fans.

Sean’s biggest secret wasn’t so much of a big deal but the reason for him hiding it was. He’s a man of few words but his actions are what describe him the most. His lone wolf status and grumpy bear attitude was what I most liked about him. Strange but true. It’s a tricky thing to make one of the main characters a celebrity in a romance novel. At least to me it is because if an author isn’t careful that character and their life can come off as super cliche, cheesy or just inspire a lot of eye rolling. However, Flynn pulled it off and made it look effortless.

Final Verdict: Fun, feisty and sexy, Hollywood on Tap shouldn't be missed.

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