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Thursday, December 4, 2014

If You Ask Me: Where Have All the Readers Gone?

Where have all the readers gone?

On a good day this blog gets about nine views. NINE. That’s way down from this time last year, which, if I’m honest, wasn’t as high as some other blogs that are the same age. That’s beyond depressing for me, it’s gotten to the point where I don’t know if I want to continue this blog, which is a shame because I love writing reviews.

However, I’ve noticed that other blog owners have commented on the declining number of views and comments. So I have to ask:

Where have all the readers gone?

I miss the interaction and the activity that could be found on Facebook & Twitter. All I had to do was log into either site and I could immediately jump into a book discussion, Twitter/Facebook party or start my own discussion. Now, I’m lucky if I get a “like” or a retweet on anything.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the decrease in people entering giveaways for books. If I’m giving away an e-book, I’ll get maybe ten entries, unless the giveaway is part of a blog tour as a whole, but those don’t count because it’s one form for all the blogs to use. Did romance readers suddenly drop off the face of the earth or is there a more logical explanation for why the world of romance novel blogging suddenly feels like a ghost town? It’s not just my blog either. Some of the blogs I visit have a low turnout for book giveaways but a high turnout for gift card giveaways. What I want to know is, are most of those who enter the gift card giveaways romance fans or are they random people who couldn’t care less about the genre I love but they want to win a gift card anyway?

Or perhaps the disappearance of visitors has to do with all the drama that’s been going on for the past few months. It seems like every time I check into the blogging world, an author, blogger or publisher is losing their mind and attacking someone else or something. Heck, not too long ago there was that one author who actually showed up at a reviewer’s house because she didn’t like the review that her book was given. Then there are so called bloggers who only want to use their blogs to pirate review copies. Thanks for that by the way. Like it wasn’t hard enough for a small timer like me to get review copies *sarcasm

Just the drama alone could make any one think twice about putting themselves out there, whether it’s as a reviewer, author or just a blog surfer like I used to be. Then again, the same audience that used to comment, engage and brighten up a blogger’s days may have just changed their own status from “active” to “ghost” visitor.

In any case, I miss those days of conversation and exuberance. Don’t you?


  1. I do :) I get far more interaction on non-book related content than I do on book related. I do believe the drama is a big part of it :(

  2. I totally agree. It can be difficult sometimes to have a blog, especially when I compare when I first started. I feel like the amount of readers and those that comment are way lower than it used to be..which is sad. I miss just talking about books....Thanks for sharing this. Definitely gives one something to think about.

  3. As far as Facebook is concerned, with them limited what you actually see probably doesn't help. Even when you click on receive notifications, you still don't always see everything depending on how many notifications there are.

  4. Hi Meetta thanks for stopping by! Facebook is getting ridiculous with what can and cannot be posted and I'm not just talking about it from a blogger's standpoint. I like to surf Facebook for interesting posts and stories but it's like they pull down stories for no good reason. I have a hard enough time seeing the pages I've liked.

  5. I miss all the discussions that we used to have. I know I need to be better at blog hopping but I also feel like this part of the internet is becoming a ghost town.

  6. Hi Lisa! It's tough and sometimes discouraging when you work hard and want to talk about books but all you get are crickets chirping and a few tumbleweeds rolling by. As for being a new blogger, leave me the link to your blog and I'll stop by when I can!

  7. I've noticed that too! It's like aliens have kidnapped or silenced the book lovers, or else, they're afraid to get caught up in the drama.


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