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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

ARC Review: Deadly Fallout by Katie Reus

Format: .epub (provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review)
Release Date: December 9, 2014

Zoe’s stalker has been murdered…

Dr. Zoe Hansen was forced to leave her beloved hospital job to escape a stalker. It worked—or so she thought. She’s terrified when he reappears in her life one night—and stunned when he turns up viciously murdered soon after. She’s arrested for the crime, but she quickly clears her name. Unfortunately, her problems are far from over. She’ll have to accept the protection of the one man she shouldn’t want.

…now she’s in more danger than ever before.

Former Navy SEAL Sawyer McCabe might not know the gorgeous Zoe as well as he wants to, but he knows all about trouble. So when she's threatened, he steps in to help her regardless of the consequences and gets her out of town. But it’s not enough to escape a determined killer. As the danger closes in they have to trust each other if they want to stay alive. And Sawyer’s determined to do whatever it takes to keep Zoe safe and in his arms. Because Zoe is worth risking everything for.

Zoe Hansen’s life has gone from bad to worse.

She’s still trying to put her life back together after a stalker forces her to leave her job at the hospital. Thinking that she’s put her frightening past behind her, Zoe isn’t prepared when her stalker is found dead and she’s arrested for the murder. Quickly cleared of the crime, Zoe soon finds herself the next target of the murderer and accepting help from a man she shouldn’t.

Sawyer McCabe doesn’t hesitate to step in and protect Zoe from the unknown murderer, as a former Navy SEAL, he’s no stranger to dangerous situations. However, Zoe presents a different kind of danger, one he’s not familiar with. With the murderer getting closer and closer to Zoe, Sawyer has no choice but to get her out of town and the more time they spend together, the stronger his attraction to Zoe.

Just like its predecessors, Deadly Fallout was a lot of fun and offered a great distraction from household chores! I just couldn’t live with myself if I essentially hit a mental “pause” button during the best parts of the story just to mop the floor! Something had to give and in this case it was the floor.

For having been stalked, accused of murder and now being the target of a murderer, I thought Zoe held up pretty damn well. If I had been in her shoes I would have turned into a blubbering mess of fear. Or I would have crawled up that tall drink of water named Sawyer for a snuggle or two, you know, to take my mind off of things. Zoe isn’t stupid either, she knows she’s out of her depth with a cunning killer on her trail so she doesn’t do stupid things and uses logic and common sense because, duh, the woman wants to stay alive long enough to see if what she and Sawyer have is a long term thing or not.

What I love about Red Stone Security series is the length of each book and everything that author Katie Reus packs into them. Deadly Fallout didn’t drag on and on to the point of madness. The story gets straight to the action, mystery and danger. It didn’t waste my time with unnecessary scenes, characters or dialogue, it was a smooth, briskly paced book that snagged my attention and kept it until the very end. There’s an even amount of action and romance as well which suited me just fine.

While the identity of the murderer is pretty easy to guess, that didn’t make Deadly Fallout any less exciting or intriguing. Sawyer and Zoe make a great couple and their chemistry was strong and though it's part of a series, Deadly Fallout can be read and enjoyed as a standalone without any fear of spoilers.

Final Verdict: Deadly Fallout beats cleaning house any day!

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  1. hehe It does sound like it was a tad bit more enjoyable than cleaning house :)

  2. It was worth the extra time I had to spend cleaning :)


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