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Friday, October 24, 2014

If You Ask Me: Don't Overlook Smaller Blogs!

When it comes to blog tours, author interviews and snagging those ARC books, the competition can be fierce. Granted, with sites like NetGalley and Edelweiss it’s become just a tad easier for smaller blogs such as mine to get some really great books to review but I still can’t help but feel frustrated every time I see words like “Must have at least *insert number here* followers/daily page views.”

I get it, I really do, publishers and authors want reviews to reach as many people as they possibly can and ARC books are limited in quantity. I don’t even want to mention the morons who are lucky enough to get an ARC and then turn around and upload them to sharing websites or sell them on ebay. Those two reasons are why, often times, blogs like mine get overlooked for big name promotions.

But we're not without our charms you know! We have a lot going for us to and don't forget, there's always to potential for small blogs to become big blogs. Never forget that some of those big name blogs that get all the goodies were once small little blogs that got overlooked more than once.

All some small blogs need is a chance to shine, then they can start to reach out on their own and maybe become something more but in order for that to happen, they need someone to take a chance on them.

Here are four reasons why publishers and authors shouldn’t be so quick to over look the little guys:

1. We work just as hard, possibly harder to promote the books we get because we’re trying to get more followers/page views.
We know you’re taking a chance on us and most of us feel the pressure to show you that your faith wasn’t misplaced. You give us a chance, work with us, and you’ll see the same from us. We're going to be so excited to have read and reviewed a book that it will be all over our Facebook statuses and Twitter too.

2. A smaller blog just might have a better relationship with their readers.
A small blog sometimes has a “usual crowd” and after a while the blogger will have probably gotten to know them pretty well. A small blog with a close relationship with its readers will have a better chance of getting them hooked on the book/author being promoted.

3. Just because a blog has a large number of followers doesn’t mean their followers are paying attention to what is actually being posted.
This one kind of goes hand in hand with #2. Aside from reviewing books, I also like to look at blogs. I follow, like and subscribe to many blogs but to be honest, I only actually pay close attention to the content of about 10 blogs. Why? There are just not enough hours in the day to go through all the blogs I’ve liked and subscribed to. I picked the 10 blogs with the best reputation for being friendly and prompt at answering comments, I don’t care how big or small the blog is, if the blogger engages me in a conversation, I’m more likely to come back again and again and also to take their reviews more seriously.

4. A smaller blog might be more amendable to advice.
Small blogs want to make it big and most bloggers aren’t professional bloggers. We’re just ordinary folks who want a place to talk about what we love but we’d also like to see our numbers grow and get more people to engage us in conversation. As a smaller blog, whenever I’m lucky enough to get a chance to review a popular book I will definitely take into consideration what a publisher/author has to say in terms of how to promote that book. Want me to post it on a different site other than Amazon and Goodreads? Sure! I’ll go out of my way to create and account to whatever site you want me to in order to post my review. Want me to post about it on my blog’s Facebook page once a day until release day? Okie dokie I can do that too. I want to help my favorite authors sell more books but I also want to help my blog get more people to visit so I’m a bit more flexible than a bigger blog when it comes to special requests. I’m not saying I’ll bend myself into a metaphorical pretzel every time but if it’s reasonable I can be accommodating.

Granted, there are some exceptions to these four reasons. I’m assuming the small blogs in question want to succeed in the main goal: To promote and chat about books and to discover new reads along the way. I myself am learning something new every day and am trying to put more of myself in to my small space on the internet.

So there you have it, my argument for small blogs. Did I forget a reason why small blogs shouldn’t be overlooked?


  1. I agree with your four reasons Adria and I also like the smaller blogs. They usually are more friendly and try harder. :D

  2. Hi Barbara thanks for stopping by. I do try and I'm going to try harder every time because it's tough getting noticed but most of all, I just want to be able to meet more romance fans like myself so we can chat all about our favorites!


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