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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review: Sweet in Love by Nadia Lee

Format: .mobi (provided by author in exchange for an honest review)
Publisher: Four Isles Press
Release Date: March 1, 2014

Her best friend's brother never looked so hot...

Brooke de Lorenzo knows Pete Monroe is off-limits. They crossed that line once, in a make-out session that rocked her world, but anything more would be complicated. Messy. Unbelievably hot.

And deep down, she's afraid the younger man might just break her heart.

Pete's worked years to make sure he will be worthy of Brooke, and he's not going to wait any longer.

He's going to show her what they have is very real, and that forbidden fruit is the sweetest and most satisfying.

Pete Monroe has had a crush on his older sister’s best friend Brooke de Lorenzo since he was sixteen. He’s waited eight years and worked damn hard to make sure he’d be worthy of her, and to make sure that she wouldn’t be able to turn him down. Brooke doesn’t know what’s come over Pete. After eight years of silence he’s suddenly pursing her relentlessly and she’s not sure if she likes it or not.

Shorter than the rest of the books in the Hearts on the Line series, Sweet in Love actually reads like a full length novel, complete with steamy scenes, emotional connections and a revisit with Gavin and Amandine Lloyd.

When Pete first appeared in the series, I didn’t really like him very much. He seemed like a very selfish character when it came to his sister Amandine’s situation with her husband, almost like he would have sacrificed anything in order to get what he wanted. Then I found out why he was so hell bent on having things his way. It was sweet in a sort of neurotic way.

Brooke is the total opposite of her best friend Amandine. She’s got plenty of backbone, almost too much and she’s fiercely independent, something that appealed to me. She’s independent in her everyday life, yet in some ways, Brooke is controlled by family traditions even when they’re not very good for her.

Sweet in Love shows just how compatible a younger man who is driven like Pete and a slightly older woman who has a strange outlook on relationships like Brooke can be. They balance each other quite nicely too. That was surprising. Pete encourages Brooke to push her limits and keeps her from getting stuck in a rut while Brooke keeps Pete from becoming a slave to his work and gets him to live a little more.

Final Verdict: Just like in all of author Nadia Lee’s books so far, the chemistry between characters is undeniable and irresistible. For being a novella, Sweet in Love sure did meet a lot of my requirements.

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