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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Review: The Duke of Morewether's Secret by AmyLynn Bright

Format: .mobi (provided by author in exchange for an honest review)
Release Date: March, 2, 2014

Thea Ashbrook comes to London on a mission to do right by her half-brothers — not to find a husband. Homesick for Greece, she causes an incident at a Salon lecture on Greek architecture where she is introduced to the annoyingly handsome Duke of Morewether. The gossips have told her of every deviant escapade for which he’s so famous, and she is not impressed. When she discovers that his love of family mirrors her own, she gives herself permission to open her heart to him.

Christian, Duke of Morewether, is infamous for his scandalous ways. He thinks his life lacks nothing, until he meets Miss Althea Ashbrook and, for the first time in his life, he finds himself tongue tied. When his past comes back to haunt him, it will take all his powers of persuasion to convince Thea he is worthy of her love.

The duke has a secret – one that Thea thinks she could never forgive and sends her racing for home. To find redemption and win her back, Christian must realize mistakes can’t be ignored forever.

The secrets you keep can change your life forever.

When Althea Ashbrook arrives in London, she assumes her trip will be uneventful and to the point. She doesn’t plan on causing a scene at a lecture on Greek architecture but it simply cannot be helped if the so called expert doesn’t know which temple belongs in what city. What else is she to do but speak up on behalf of her beloved Greece and inform the “expert” that his information is wrong… And draw the attention of one scandalous Duke with a secret. Now she has the task of choosing whether to discourage Christian, Duke of Morewether or to encourage his affections.

The opening pages of The Duke of Morewether’s Secret are some of the most fun I’ve had with this book. Althea’s obvious annoyance at the “expert” in Greek architecture and her method of blurting out what was on her mind made her a character I could get interested in. I’ve never cared for bland female characters that don’t stand out in their time period and this is a fictional story so I say make her different! Thea was quick witted, funny and a caring character who just wanted to help her half brothers have a better future. Thea was a bit too na├»ve at times for my liking though, and quick to judge Christian without even listening to what he had to say. Though in her defense, she did an excellent job of making him grovel for having lied by omission.

Much of the information of Christian’s past comes from rumors, hearsay and occasionally the close family friend so I got the impression that while he was pretty wild, careless and carefree as a youth, he has already grown out of it by the time he meets Thea. He’s a good man even though Thea doesn’t seem to think so, even Christian doubts himself as his past mistakes come back to bite him. What I did like about him is that he takes responsibility for his actions, not right away, but when he realizes that he truly could lose Thea, he pulls out all the stops to win her back.

The supporting cast of characters was delightful and unobtrusive. They served as both comedy and a diversion from Christian and Thea’s problems. I especially enjoyed Anna and every time she gave Christian a hard time I couldn’t help but laugh. She really lived to tease and taunt him and I liked their competitive sibling relationship immensely.

The pace of The Duke of Morewether’s Secret was a little inconsistent though. At times certain scenes seemed to fly by while others crawled on and on. I would have liked a more brisk pace, and a bit more with Christian and Thea trying to solve their differences as a married couple and perhaps a bit less time spent on Christian’s little secret. At times Thea was a bit childish and definitely could have caused an irreparable scandal that would have damaged her reputation, that of her husband's and any number of people with some of her actions. 

Final Verdict: The Duke of Morewether's Secret was cute and fun but a bit on the lengthy side. There's quite a bit of humor to be had in this "battle of wills" story for those looking for a lighter read.

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  1. DARN! Looked like it has potential but doesn't look like it delivered!

  2. It was a good book I just took a few issues with some of the characters' attitudes in certain situations and with the length of some of the scenes. There's some really cute gems in there though.


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