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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Author's Pal Blog Tour: Night Storm by Tracey Devlyn (Review + Giveaway)

Hey all, welcome to my stop on Tracey Devlyn's blog tour. There's a great giveaway as part of the tour too! A $25 gift card to any online book store! Isn't that awesome!

About Tracey:
Tracey Devlyn is an award-winning author who writes historical romantic thrillers (translation: a slightly more grievous journey toward the heroine’s happy ending). She’s a co-founder of Romance University, a group blog dedicated to readers and writers of romance, and Lady Jane’s Salon-Naperville, Chicagoland’s exciting new reading salon devoted to romantic fiction.

An Illinois native, Tracey spends her evenings harassing her once-in-a-lifetime husband and her weekends torturing her characters. For more information on Tracey, including her Internet haunts, contest updates, and details on her upcoming novels, please visit her website.

Connect with Tracey:

Format: .mobi (provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review)
Release Date: September 22, 2014

A promising young apothecary picks up the pieces of her life, only to collide with the ruthless thief-taker who once shattered her dreams and her heart.

When the love of his life chose an apprenticeship in Scotland over his marriage proposal, thieftaker Cameron Adair buried himself in his work--building an unmatched network of underworld spies. Forged by his reputation as a ruthless, greed-driven businessman, he has amassed a fortune. But he has one vulnerable spot in his armor--a brilliant, green-eyed apothecary, who continues to haunt his heart. When a murder investigation brings him back into contact with Charlotte Fielding, Cameron sets aside the past to find a killer and to distract a headstrong apothecary, clue by clue, kiss by kiss.

A female apothecary and a professional thief taker with a history take on a murderer.

Five years ago Charlotte Fielding chose to be an apprentice to an apothecary in Scotland instead of marrying Cameron Adair. For the most part, she doesn’t regret her choice as it has given her a small measure of independence and freedom. She doesn’t expect to see Cameron again or to find herself in the middle of a murder investigation. Cameron was hurt when Charlotte chose to leave for Scotland over him, choosing to become one of the best thief-takers in the region and building a vast network of undercover spies, along with a fortune. Circumstances force Cameron and Charlotte into close proximity to one another again and even as they close in on the killer, they also begin to reevaluate their lives and past decisions all over again.

Night Storm was an interesting read. Though it technically is a romance, I can honestly say that the romance takes a back seat with this book. Normally, that would have bugged me because I want to read a romance but author Tracey Devlyn wove such a thrilling plot that had a likable cast of characters that I didn’t realize I wasn’t really reading a romance until the end of the story!

I did love Cameron, he’s ruthless and driven and perhaps a bit greedy too but when a person grows up with next to nothing, sometimes they become hoarders or in his case, greedy. That doesn’t stop him from being a good man; he just tries to hide it under his “business only” persona. Yet, he is equal parts resentful and proud of Charlotte’s ability to run a successful business on her own.

However, I have draw attention to Charlotte. Like the author, I couldn’t find any record of there being a female apothecary anywhere in history, but I have to believe that there was at least one! If it wasn’t for those handfuls of women who pushed boundaries in every generation, we women wouldn’t have come as far as we have. I loved the idea of a woman like Charlotte having an unconventional upbringing and becoming an apothecary. She’s a woman who takes pride in her independence and her work. She took charge of her own future and secured it, she knew she had to provide for herself. I loved that about her but I also loved that she was vulnerable where Cameron was concerned and that she was still a woman in love with a man. She had a lot of depth to her and was a woman I could admire.

The secondary characters were interesting too. Siblings Piper and Felix Scott, her assistant and young handyman had quite a bit of page time and I hope to see them again in future books. Then there was Jules Gardner, Cameron and Charlotte’s mutual friend. He was so mysterious and quiet that I found myself hoping for him to get his own book.

Whenever there’s a mystery in a book I’m always concerned that the author will reveal too much too soon but with Night Storm that wasn’t the case. I didn’t know why the murder was committed until the very end of the story; I did guess who did it about halfway through. However, if I hadn’t been paying attention to the clues and random comments I would never have even come close to guessing. There were so many misleading facts, clues and theories that distracted from the truth which made the reading experience more enjoyable.

Final Verdict: More mystery than romance, Night Storm is well written, detailed and should be enjoyed by readers who enjoy a good murder mystery with a dash of romance.

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  1. Adria, thanks for featuring Night Storm on your blog. I'm SO glad you enjoyed Cam and Charley's story!


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