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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

ARC Review: What a Duke Dares by Anna Campbell

Format: .mobi (provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review)
Release Date: August 26, 2014


What woman in her right mind would say no to marrying the dashing Duke of Sedgemoor? Miss Penelope Thorne, that's who. She's known Camden Rothermere since they were children-and she also knows she'd bring nothing but scandal to his name.

Cam can hardly believe Penelope turned down his proposal. But if she wants to run off to the Continent and set the rumor mill ablaze, he can't stop her. Then her brother's dying request sends him to bring home the one woman he thought he'd finally gotten over.

The only way they'll both get back to London without their reputations in tatters is to pretend they're married during the journey. That means kissing like they mean it and even sharing a bed-until it becomes hard to tell where the game ends and true desire begins . . .

An emotionally reluctant, brooding Duke and a lively, scandal prone lady who have a history together? What more could I ask for? I love me some passionate angst and characters who push one another's boundaries. Naturally, What a Duke Dares sent my romantic little heart into a fluttering frenzy!

When they were young, Penelope Thorne rejected Camden Rothermere’s marriage proposal because he didn’t love her and she fled to Italy. Nine years later and Cam has made a deathbed promise to Penelope’s eldest brother to bring her back to England. Avoiding scandal as they travel back to England isn’t easy and the two find themselves married before they reach their destination. Tied together for life, the pair tries to make the best out of their marriage. Cam wants to have a passionate but loveless marriage and Penelope wonders if perhaps she's fighting a losing battle for Cam's love.

Is it possible to be any more in love with a story than I am with What a Duke Dares? I doubt it! Ugh what a dilemma, I don’t know which book in the Sons of Sin series is my favorite! I thought it was A Rake’s Midnight Kiss but now What a Duke Dares has given it some stiff competition!

I’ve loved all three stories to be honest, the fragile ties that bonded Jonas, Richard and Camden made for an interesting set of books. Each book was separate enough to stand alone but connected enough to make you want to read them in order.

Throughout the series Cam was an enigma and I’m not ashamed to admit that that’s what made him so interesting. He was this solid, quiet almost stone like character who didn’t speak unless he had something important to say. The one thing that he seems to relish drumming into others’ heads is that he doesn’t believe in love. That’s the only real thing that’s known about him.

Apparently in order for Cam to let down his guard he has to be in the proximity of Penelope, former childhood friend and current bane of his existence. Penelope definitely had what it took to frustrate Cam and that’s part of what was so fun about her. Cam is such a stuffy character that “Pen,” as she’s called, naturally ruffles his feathers with her personality. Pen is passionate, honest, and hopelessly in love with Cam. Not that he’s noticed.

Author Anna Campbell definitely has a gift for creating tragic heroes, risqué heroines and passionate, angst ridden romances. An angst filled romance makes the happy ending sweeter, more enjoyable than if the characters are so certain about the direction they’re heading with each other. Even with the amazing chemistry and desire between Cam and Pen, they never became stale or boring.

Final Verdict: I don't know if Anna Campbell can top What a Duke Dares, let alone top the Sons of Sin series but I am sure excited to see what she's going to do next. Do yourself a favor and add What a Duke Dares to your reading list ASAP. 

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  1. I'm with you, Adria. I love each new book by Anna Campbell and can't wait for the next. Her heroes are delicious and honourable and her heroines made of determination and pushing all the boundaries. I'm holding my breath for this release!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Don't be shy about coming back and letting me know how you liked the book! Or if you review it, leave me the link!

  3. Hi Susanne, thank you for stopping by. I'm still a newbie to Anna's books, having only read this series but I've got two of her previous books sitting on my kindle and I'm hoping to carve out some time to read them.

  4. Oh I think I need to try her. I thought about picking this one up--that cover is just too gorgeous!--but for some reason didn't. Sounds like that was seriously a mistake.

  5. It's such a good series overall. I love how angsty her romances can get. Have you read the series at all?


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