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Monday, May 19, 2014

ARC Review: The Virgin's Guide to Misbehaving by Jessica Clare

Format: .mobi (provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review)
Release Date: June 3, 2014

Playing innocent is easy.

After being the quiet, shy girl her whole life, Elise Markham is ready for a mental makeover. She’s done keeping to herself and staying out of trouble—it’s time to break out of her shell and maybe meet someone intriguing in the process. So, on a photography trip to Bluebonnet, she has a whole lot more on her mind than snapping photos, especially when Rome walks into the picture.

Playing dirty is fun.

The newest instructor at Wilderness Survival Expeditions has a colorful past, to say the least. Having come from a family of notorious con artists that destroyed his credit and reputation, all before his eighteenth birthday, Rome just wants a decent job and a quiet life in a town where no one knows his name. He’s exactly the kind of bad boy that an innocent girl like Elise should stay far away from.

But Elise is tired of doing what’s right. She’s ready to throw caution to the wind—and let Rome show her just how exciting being bad can be…

I’m going to be upfront, I was apprehensive about this story. I dislike virgins in contemporary romances because while the sexual naivety that usually accompanies a virgin may work well with a historical romance, I find that it’s out of place in a more modern setting where presumably women have come a long way since the time of corsets and demure behavior.

Wow, that was a mouthful but I had to say it. Now, on with the rest of my thoughts on The Virgin’s Guide to Misbehaving.

I loved it. I loved how wrong I was with my assumptions about almost everything in this book!

I didn’t think this series could get any hotter, especially not with a character like Elise! At first Elise’s extreme shyness got to me at first, she was worse than the women in historical romances with all the blushing, stammering and looking at her feet. She would even go so far as to pull her hair towards the front of her face in an effort to further conceal herself. However, when the reason why she was so damn shy came to light, my attitude towards her softened immediately. I only wish the author hadn’t waited so long to reveal Elise’s secret.

Then there’s Rome. Wow. Can you say sex on a stick? I hope so because that’s the best way I can describe him. He first appeared in The Expert’s Guide to Driving a Man Wild and gave off the impression of being a silent bad boy. I was so curious about him simply because he is the complete opposite of Elise. He was also the complete opposite of a silent bad boy. Rome may look the part of a rough and tough hoodlum but the way he looks is totally opposite to how he is as a man. He’s guarded but caring, considerate and oddly enough, he’s vulnerable. I loved that about him.

On the surface, Rome and Elise don’t sound like they’d be a good couple. He’s had a very hard life and she’s been sheltered and protected from everything. He’s had life experience, and she’s still a virgin. I thought The Virgin’s Guide to Misbehaving was going to be a dull bore with Rome chasing after an overly shy Elise but again, I was wrong! Just because Elise was a virgin didn’t mean that the heat factor took a dive, in fact, I would say that this is the hottest book in the series. Rome is the very essence of sex on a stick but add the verbal foreplay that he dishes out and it’s enough to melt any girl’s… Bones. It’s more than just how sexy Rome is, to me it was all about how he treated Elise from the very beginning. He didn’t understand her in the beginning yet he never treated her with anything less than respect and kindness.

Along with Rome and Elise, long time fans like myself got to revisit with previous couples including Elise’s brother Grant and his quirky fiancĂ© Brenna. The relationship between Grant and Elise is given a little more page time in The Virgin’s Guide to Misbehaving which explains more of Elise’s ingrained behavior of hiding herself away. Grant is a loving brother, he just doesn’t know when to back off and still sees Elise as needing his protection. Then there's Rome's family, including a brother named Jericho who sounds, in a word, delicious.

I thoroughly enjoyed Rome and Elise’s romance and am once again impressed by how hooked I am on this series. Author Jessica Clare has managed to take a small town and make it all kinds of interesting and sexy.

Final Verdict: The Virgin's Guide to Misbehaving is a great addition to an already enjoyable series. In my opinion this book is the hottest in the series. I do hope the series doesn't end here though.

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  1. oh boy!! Now you reeled me in. I definitely have to check this one out. I love characters that surprise you in ways you don't expect. Great review!

  2. This whole series is sexy hot! I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I have.


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