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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review: What the Groom Wants by Jade Lee

Format: .mobi (Provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review)
Release Date: February 4, 2014

An honest love...

Radley Lyncott has been in love with Wendy Drew as long as he can remember. When he went to sea, she was too young to court. Now that he's returned to take up his Welsh title, he is appalled to find that debt has ruined the Drew family, and—even worse—Wendy is being courted by another man.

Or a dangerous attraction?

Family comes first for seamstress Wendy Drew, who is forced to settle her brother's debt by working nights at a notorious gambling den. But her double-life hasn't gone unnoticed—she has captivated none other than Demon Damon, a nefarious rake who understands Wendy's darkest desires and is hell bent on luring her into his arms.

I have to give props to author Jade Lee for creating such a drama filled, character driven story that kept me wondering and guessing from the very beginning!

This is only my second time reading a book by Jade Lee but I really do enjoy the journey that she takes readers on. What the Groom Wants was unpredictable in the best way. Not just with the story but the three lead characters as well. 

There's a lot to talk and love about What the Groom Wants yet I find myself constantly wondering "Is this a spoiler?" and that makes it difficult to write a well rounded, informative review! I certainly don't want to spoil any book that I review, but I most definitely don't want to spoil this book. I do want to build it up because it's a little different to the love triangle themed romances that I've read. Two men who would do anything to have Wendy and until the last few pages, it was up in the air as to what would eventually happen to Wendy.

What the Groom Wants has a particularly vile character who at times made it look like no one was a match for him. I do love a good villain, they give such life to any story and in turn, make the protagonists all the better for having to overcome his machinations. Demon Damon has been around for quite some time apparently, wreaking havoc on different characters' lives while acting like it is his right to claim whatever he wants in whatever fashion. I definitely despised him but at the same time I loved how dark and evil he was. He brought out the darker side of the story and made sure that no one was safe. He was cunning, he was bloody, he was divinely evil!

With Demon Damon being so evil I never expected Wendy to be such a daring soul. She was a highly intelligent lady who knew when to acquiesce to his demands and when to fight back. A formerly tender and fanciful girl that was harshly introduced to life's realities, Wendy is a survivor at heart and a bit disappointed with her life yet she loves her family fiercely and loyally, even though they're a bit of a burden to her and inadvertently endanger her constantly. Her sharp mind and courage allowed her to barter and stand up to Demon Damon without getting herself killed.

Then there's Radley, the dashing sailor turned reluctant duke. Just when he's returned from sea with prospects that will allow him to finally court and marry Wendy, he finds out that he is now the Duke of Bucklynde, making him far above his beloved Wendy in society. Adding to his problems is the fact that Wendy has attracted the attention of the most dangerous man in London. Radley is such a patient man in the beginning of What the Groom Wants that I thought he was all talk and no action. It turns out that he just tries think situations through as thoroughly as possible before he commits himself to anything physical. I found myself sighing with jealousy over his love and devotion to Wendy constantly, he's hell bent on proving himself to her, even though he's a duke and should be considered a "catch" by any eligible woman.

I tell you, What the Groom Wants is a lively, engaging romance that has everything to make this reader happy: the love struck hero, the not-so-defenseless damsel in distress, the dastardly villain and an unpredictable outcome that had me biting my nails with the last 20 or so pages.

Final Verdict: At first I was taken aback by the level of darkness and blood in What the Groom Wants but the bloodthirsty wench in me soon became engrossed in the plot and whether or not the villain would win in the end. I didn't want this book to end but I am looking forward to reading more from Jade Lee, especially if unpredictability is a big factor in her books.

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  1. Oh I am so glad you liked it! Her books are really solid and yes you are never quite sure where they are going :)

  2. I hope I can make time to read more of her books soon because I do like unpredictability once in awhile.


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