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Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Favorite Author: Jennifer Haymore + Giveaway

Welcome! This is a new, monthly feature here on the blog. Every month I talk about one of the authors on my list of "Favorites." I'll tell you why they're one of my favorites and in some cases, how I discovered them. Then, as my gift to you, I will give you a chance to win your choice of e-book by that month's author. At the end of the month I will chose one person and they will get to pick what book they'd like. So read on and don't forget to fill out the entry form at the end!

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm a big historical romance fan, there's just something about being able to visit a certain time period and for a few hours experience life and love in that era.

Jennifer Haymore first caught my attention back in the summer of 2012. I had just started this blog (under a different name) and was perusing Amazon looking for some books to buy and review. I must have searched for hours for books to buy (I'm a picky shopper these days). So I took a quick side tour to a site that is supposed to help you pick your next great read (The address escapes me at the moment) by having you name a favorite author. So I followed the steps and at the top of the recommendations list was: Jennifer Haymore.

So off I go, back to Amazon and look up Jennifer's books. The first book I saw was a book called A Hint of Wicked. Now at that time I was all about the love triangles (blame Twilight for that) and I was utterly intrigued by a historical romance where a woman (Sophie) technically had two husbands.

My first thought was "Well how the hell is that going to work out unless one of those men is an utter bastard? And how is this author going to create sympathy for all three characters if no one is the real bad guy?" Being such a nosy reader I bought it and started reading it right away (For those wondering, neither Garrett nor Tristan are bad men... And that's all you're getting out of me you'll have to read the book for yourselves).  I loved A Hint of Wicked, especially since it was the first book in a series. Well I just had to know what happened to the man that Sophie didn't choose (read the books folks, you won't be disappointed). Before I knew it I had bought and devoured A Touch of Scandal and A Season of Seduction in about two days which left me going "Okay what else does Ms. Haymore have?"

Firing up my old (but trusty) laptop I headed on over to Jennifer's website and found that she had another series, The Donovan sisters. Yay me right? I was in New to Me author heaven! I bought the first three books and enjoyed each one.

Then, like any romance fan, I eagerly awaited the last book in that series, Pleasures of a Tempted Lady. Finally I would find out the truth of the missing Donovan sister and see her get a happy ending, hopefully with the man she had been in love with in the first book.

I was just learning how to use NetGalley and requested an ARC from there, never thinking that I would be lucky enough to gain access to it. Well I was and Pleasures of a Tempted Lady became my first ARC review. I adored this book and it remains one of my favorite "Second Chance" romances ever.

Sadly, I have been a little late in coming to Jennifer's latest series, The House of Trent. I had The Duchess Hunt sitting on my shelf for months before I was able to carve out some "Me" time to read it. What was supposed to be a just for me read turned out to be a review because I just couldn't not talk about it! There was a lot to love about The Duchess Hunt, a kidnapping (Simon's mother), and destructive family secrets but it was Simon and Sarah's romance that really made this book one of my favorites. I'm smiling just thinking about it now!

After The Duchess Hunt came The Rogue's Proposal with Simon's brother Lukas continuing the search for their mother. A bit darker than the first book, Lukas and Emma are total opposites of Simon and Sarah but no less interesting. I was lucky enough to get a review copy of this one from NetGalley as well.

The search for the missing Duchess of Trent continues into the upcoming third book, The Scoundrel's Seduction  which I cannot wait for because it has one of my favorite romance troupes: Spies!!!!

What I find a bit unique about The House of Trent series is that the novellas are being released as steamy stories that Lady Esme, the youngest of the Trent siblings has secretly penned on her spare time. Pretty neat huh? I wonder how those will play out in Esme's book!

You could say I'm a little excited about this series... Just a tad.

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  1. I haven't read any of Jennifer Haymore's books, but I definitely want to. I would love to win a copy of The Duchess Hunt.

  2. She's a great author to be honest. I've loved all of her books.

  3. OOo loves her books too! I was so late to her and just started reading her when The Duchess Hunt came out and instant love there. Great pick for Feb!


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