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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Review: Twilight with the Infamous Earl by Alexandra Hawkins

Format: .epub (provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review)
Release Date: November 26, 2013

Lord Chillingsworth’s reputation precedes him—the infamous “Frost” is as legendary on the field of honor as he is in the bedroom. Which makes it surprising that young Emily Cavell has taken up the cause of closing Frost’s favorite gambling hell. Who does this brazen, flame-haired beauty think she is?

Emily’s vendetta is personal: She is determined to take a pound of flesh from Frost, who ruined her sister. But the man she meets is not the cold-hearted devil she imagined—and is twice as handsome to boot—and soon Emily finds herself falling for him. Their battle of wills quickly ignites into blazing desire. Could it be that the most jaded Lord of Vice is finally willing to risk everything and gamble on her heart? Or is true love only a fool’s game?

Very few things are as satisfying to me as a reader than watching a jaded, seemingly cold character trip, stumble and crash into love with someone that is the total opposite of everything they have portrayed to the world.

Twilight with the Infamous Earl is a sensual, witty story and a guilty pleasure. It can be read alone but I highly recommend reading the previous books for not only a good time, but to see why the hero is such a popular one.

Vincent Henry Bishop, The Earl of Chillingsworth, or Frost as he is better known by his friends and enemies has spent an entire series (six books to be precise) walking a fine line between hero and villain. As each of his friends, scandalously dubbed The Lords of Vice by society, fell in love Frost made it his mission to push his friendship with each gentleman to its limits which often ended in all out brawls. His antagonistic and sometimes cruel comments definitely had me wondering what kind of man Frost was and what kind of woman, if any, could change him for the better.

I was surprised that the woman author Alexandra Hawkins matched the most formidable and intimidating Lord of Vice with was an innocent country miss. I didn't see it at first, but as I continued reading, it became so clear as to why Emily worked as a heroine: How else would Frost learn the error of his ways if his heroine was just as scandalous as he was? He would have continued on with his life in the same manner, never growing, never changing and never realizing that he was worth more than he believed. Frost needed someone to balance out the wickedness from his past and help him change into a better man while still maintaining the aloof charm that made him so popular from the beginning.

Emily was thankfully, not such an innocent that she became a prude and thankfully was no push over. Emily easily (though sometimes unwisely) teased Frost, showing no fear or hint of being intimidated by him, which caught Frost off guard most of the time and made him lose control of the cold hearted facade every one associated with him.I liked that for once, Frost was not in total control of a situation and couldn't predict the outcome of each meeting with Emily. He got what was coming for him and though he didn't put up too much of a fight, it was still fun watching him be the helpless one for once. 

Frost and Emily as a couple were surprising to say the least and I enjoyed their scenes together, but I also enjoyed seeing the other Lords of Vice again, it felt like a family reunion! Their rough and tough relationship with one another was still present and even in front of their wives they bickered like adolescents, something I always looked forward to.

Sadly, Twilight with the Infamous Earl is the last book in the Lords of Vice series and it's only fitting that the book's cover is, to me, one of the most gorgeous ones I've seen this year! Whoever designed it has my thanks, it's a beautiful shade of blue (my favorite color) and very visually appealing. Where I not already a fan, the cover would have caught my eye and I would have been compelled to have a closer look.

The Lords of Vice have been for me, been a roller coaster of an experience. I once remarked that Sin was my favorite LoV because he was the first one I met as a reader but now that I've read all of the books in the series, I am better equipped to say that it's a close call as to which Lord of Vice is my favorite. As sad as I am that Frost is the last of the original seven to have a book, I can't pretend I'm not excited to see what Alexandra Hawkins has in store for readers next.

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  1. I have been wanting to read this series for quite some time. I just adore those guilty pleasures. Lovely review!

  2. Oh yeah love seeing characters like that completely fall. So much fun to watch happening. One day I will get all of these. Hopefully for the historical challenge :)


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